Eric Holder’s group promises lame-duck lawsuit


A group run by former Democratic U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder says it plans legal action to block a limitation on early voting in Wisconsin signed into law by Gov. Scott Walker. The National Redistricting Foundation will pursue legal action along with the Wisconsin-based liberal group One Wisconsin Now. > NBC 15 Madison

GOP power grabs pour gas on ‘resistance’ in key Midwest states


Republican efforts to weaken incoming Democratic governors in Michigan and Wisconsin have reignited the grass-roots fervor that flipped both states in November, turning the typically sleepy post-election period into a key organizing moment ahead of the 2020 presidential election. > POLITICO

Three years later, Wisconsin hasn’t stopped toxic chemical flow


Across the country, PFAS compounds have been released from military installations that used heat-resistant firefighting foam, and from businesses that applied impermeable, nonstick coatings to items. Here in Wisconsin, heavy concentrations have been found in groundwater near at least a half-dozen locations. > Wisc News

Farm Bill passes Congress by large margin, but both Wisconsin Ron’s vote no


The 2018 Farm Bill passed the Senate 87-13 on Tuesday and 369-47 the next day in the House of Representatives, with the president expected to sign it. But both U.S. Rep. Ron kind and U.S. Senator Ron Johnson were in the losing minority. > La Crosse Tribune

With a faulty Venn diagram, Walker signs all three lame-duck bills into law


Gov. Scott Walker signed all three sweeping lame-duck bills into law in Green Bay on Friday, concluding an eleventh hour effort by Republican legislators to roll back some of the next governor’s authority. And he attempted to explain that “there is no there there” with a non-Venn diagram. > Wisconsin State Journal

Paul Ryan leaves behind big budget deficits and ballooning debt


When Paul Ryan became speaker of the House in 2015, the federal budget deficit was $438 billion. Today, with Ryan preparing to retire from Congress, the annual federal budget deficit is again approaching $1 trillion. > Bloomberg

Walker to remain in Wisconsin after leaving office


Gov. Scott Walker says he plans to remain in Wisconsin after leaving office in 24 days. The former presidential candidate says he’s had a lot of opportunities in recent weeks to take jobs in Washington, but he plans to remain in Wisconsin. He did not say what those opportunities were. > AP News