Congressman-Elect Bryan Steil outlines his priorities for 116th Congress

JKW Bryan Steil Debate 2

Wisconsin U.S. Congressman-elect Bryan Steil said Monday that lowering health care costs and improving worker training in the U.S. will be among his top priorities after he’s sworn into office next month. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Epic’s epic fail: How a major Dem donor betrayed liberal ideals on workers’ rights


The Supreme Court just dealt a major blow to the basic rights of workers, with not insignificant thanks to the same Epic Systems that is the economic engine of liberal Dane County and the brainchild/golden goose of major Democratic donor Judith Faulkner. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

With Wisconsin businesses in need of workers, immigrants could be one solution

Immigrants have long brought value to the American economy. But their value may increase as Wisconsin and the Midwest face the potential of a labor crunch. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel offers this in-depth look.

State activists gather at Capitol to fight for workers’ rights


Over 150 people converged on the Capitol Square Saturday for the Working People’s Day of Action, with protesters’ signs carrying slogans like “Stop the War on Workers” and “Unrig the System,” while some held banners for progressive groups like the International Socialist Organization and the Poor People’s Campaign. > Daily Cardinal

Assembly adopts $6.8 million package to attract millennials


The Assembly approved a $6.8 million advertising campaign to attract young workers and veterans to Wisconsin. The funding expands a WEDC advertising campaign from Chicago to other Midwestern cities, but Democrats say it’s the wrong strategy to attract young people to Wisconsin. > Wisconsin State Journal

Chicagoans to Wisconsin: Thanks but no thanks—we’ll take the train


Chicagoland commuters weigh in on the ad campaign launched by Gov. Scott Walker and the WEDC that urges passengers to ditch the hassles of public transit and move to the Badger State. > Chicago Reader

State GOP bills seek to reduce workers’ rights and ban transgender protections


Two measures advanced by Republican lawmakers would ban local governments from enacting employment regulations that differ from state law. Among other things, the bills would prevent municipalities from setting local living wages or outlawing discrimination against transgender citizens. > Wisconsin Gazette