Scott Walker, in fight for political life, slow-walks Medicaid work rules

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker sought for years to put Medicaid recipients to work. Now federal officials have given him most of what he wanted, but he’s delaying the process for fear the changes will doom his flailing reelection bid, say three federal officials familiar with the deliberations. > POLITICO

Wisconsin to force parents to work for FoodShare, despite doubts about effectiveness


Wisconsin is one of 17 states that have fully implemented a federal work and training requirement to receive food assistance. Gov. Scott Walker says the program works, but Democratic legislators say access to transportation and childcare, expanded education and job training opportunities, and raised wages are what’s really needed. > La Crosse Tribune

Republicans call the think tank pushing welfare work requirements experts. Economists call it ‘junk science.’


The Foundation for Government Accountability think tank has close ties to Paul Ryan and conservative governors in Kansas, Maine and Mississippi — and an outsize influence on the Republican debate over work requirements for food stamps. But much of its work has been panned by both liberal and conservative economists. > Washington Post

Wisconsin Dems slam SNAP cuts in House Farm Bill

Some Wisconsin Democrats are speaking out against a House Farm Bill provision that makes massive cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Drafted with zero input from Democrats, and passed out of committee with only GOP votes, the bill is expected to be debated on the floor later this month. > Wisconsin Radio Network

Assembly Republicans pass full slate of Walker’s welfare limits

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The Wisconsin Assembly on Thursday approved Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed welfare limits and sought federal help to cover more of the nearly $90 million in costs from the proposals. Republicans approved the bills on party-line 62-35 votes, sending them to the Senate, where they are expected to pass quickly. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Walker optimistic on juvenile justice, not ‘alcohol czar’


Gov. Scott Walker said he’s confident his legislative priorities of a child tax rebate, a juvenile justice system overhaul and new work requirements for welfare recipients will pass through the legislature this session, but he showed little enthusiasm to create a new “alcohol czar” position. > AP News / La Crosse Tribune

Lawmakers advance Walker’s $90 million package to put work requirements on welfare


Lawmakers Tuesday advanced bills from Gov. Scott Walker that could get more welfare recipients working at a cost to taxpayers of nearly $90 million a year. An Assembly committee approved all of the proposals on a party-line vote, while a Senate committee has advanced two of the bills. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel