Watch or read: 2017 sees huge rise in Dem women seeking to run for office in Wisconsin

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One Dane County woman tells her story of joining Emerge Wisconsin’s first 2017 class. Emerge trains Democratic women seeking to run for office and has seen twice as many women enroll in their first class this year than in previous years, and is introducing a second class this year to accommodate more demand. > WKOW Madison

State seeks permission to continue ‘cocaine mom’ law against 25 pregnant women


Wisconsin’s attorney general has asked a federal appeals court for an emergency order allowing the state to continue action against 25 women under its so-called cocaine mom law, recently found unconstitutional, while the state asks the U.S. Supreme Court to get involved. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

To meet surging demand, Emerge Wisconsin announces second 2017 program for female office seekers

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Emerge Wisconsin, which trains Democratic women seeking public office, has announced it is adding a second class of 2017. Earlier this year, the Wisconsin chapter of Emerge America accepted the largest class in its history, but even this wasn’t enough to meet demand. Already seven women from the first 2017 class have run, and five won. > Press release

AG Schimel appeals ruling against ‘cocaine mom’ law


Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel announced he’s appealing a judge’s decision to overturn the so-called “cocaine mom” law, which mandated jail time for pregnant women who admit to previous drug use.  >  Wisconsin Public Radio

Planned Parenthood, faith leaders speak to “worst bill for women’s health in a generation”

In March, the CBO estimated that a “defund” Planned Parenthood provision would result in reduced access to care for patients who live in areas where Planned Parenthood is the only health care option serving low-income populations. Planned Parenthood Wisconsin and supportive faith leaders speak out in these statements. > PPW press release and faith leader statements

Rep. Sargent’s bill attempts to curb “stealthing” sexual assaults


A form of sexual assault that had previously gone unrecognized has been making national headlines in the last few weeks, and now, a Wisconsin state representative is taking action to combat it. State Rep. Melissa Sargent (D-Madison) introduced a bill this week to curb non-consensual condom removal, better known as “stealthing.”  >  Daily Cardinal

Assembly committee advances bill barring state health plans from covering abortions

The Assembly Health Committee on Tuesday voted along party lines to advance a bill that would block Wisconsin state employees’ health insurance plans from covering abortions in most cases.  >  The Cap Times