Her campaign ad was ‘sick’ and ‘tasteless,’ critics say. She was breastfeeding.

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While Kelda Roys, a Democrat running for Wisconsin governor, has received some praise for her campaign ad that includes a moment in which she breastfeeds her daughter, others are taking exception, calling the ad “sick” and “tasteless.” > Miami Herald

Tonette Walker: I choose Leah Vukmir for her courage and proven success

First Lady Tonette Walker writes in the Wisconsin State Journal: “I believe conservative women have a responsibility to stand up and lead, and Leah Vukmir has proven she will do that and more for Wisconsin. The challenges never stopped. And Leah never wavered.”

More women marching into Wisconsin politics: Tipping point near?

In Wisconsin, 1 in 5 elected offices are held by women, and women remain a minority of office-holders at all levels of state and local government. Will the new surge of politically active women push us toward a new tipping point where female officeholders influence the lion’s share of social and policy issues? > Patch

Gender gap on how voters view Trump now massive in Wisconsin


Women and men have long diverged in their views of Donald Trump. But in Wisconsin, the gender gap over President Trump has grown to staggering proportions, a recent poll suggests, as his standing improves with men but remains weak with women. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Roys wins praise for breastfeeding in her campaign ad


Kelda Roys, a former state lawmaker who is competing in the Democratic primary for a shot at Gov. Scott Walker, is receiving praise for including a scene in her campaign ad that briefly shows her breastfeeding her infant daughter. Most notable among the kudos is this piece by Chicago Tribune reporter Heidi Stevens. > Adweek

After Walker blasts Dems for letting women be excluded, Dems accuse him of dirty campaign tactics


Gov. Scott Walker criticized Democrats via Twitter Monday for allowing a group to exclude female gubernatorial candidates from a recent forum. But the forum host has explained five invitations were extended based on top fundraising numbers, leading the state Democratic Party to accuse Walker of tweeting the barb for media attention. > Wisconsin Public Radio