Long before the ‘rainbow wave,’ Tammy Baldwin was blazing a trail


The midterm elections ushered in a record number of LGBTQ people to elected office. But long before that “rainbow wave” — and before it was even a ripple — Sen. Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, an out lesbian, was slowly chipping away at glass ceilings once thought unbreakable. > NBC News

Wisconsin falls short of electing a record number of women to next Legislature

The 2019 state Legislature will have 36 female lawmakers, which is one less than the state record. But politicos say winning elections is as secondary issue to finding women willing to run in the first place. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Did Wisconsin’s gerrymandering cause women Assembly losses?


Why did 28 women running for the Legislature lose? Even more interesting: Of those 28 women who lost, 27 were Democrats. Democratic Rep. Greta Neubauer, of Racine, said: “Republican gerrymandering worked exactly as it was designed. Statewide, Assembly Democrats overall received 54 percent of total votes cast — but we hold just over one-third of the Assembly seats.” > Urban Milwaukee

Assembly reaches gender parity for one party, but far from it for the other

gender balance

Women will still be a minority in the Wisconsin Legislature next year, but not among Assembly Democrats. Women will make up 50 percent of Democrats in the Assembly, but just 16 perceont of Assembly Republicans. > Urban Milwaukee

DNR refuses to release records on sexual harassment claim


Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources officials are refusing to release records detailing allegations an agency employee harassed female co-workers at a Milwaukee hotel, saying disclosure would hurt workers’ morale and human beings make mistakes. > AP News

Democrat claims victory in Assembly race after new totals reported


Democrat Robyn Vining declared victory Thursday after the updated totals showed her with a 132-vote margin over Republican Matt Adamczyk, who has served the past four years as state treasurer. If the result is confirmed for Vining, it would leave Republicans with a 63-36 edge in the chamber. > Wisconsin State Journal

Large uptick of women running for office in Wisconsin


2018 is being deemed by some as the “Year of the Woman”  in American politics. More women are running for elected office nationally and in Wisconsin than ever before. The Wisconsin Assembly is seeing nearly a 50 percent increase in female candidates than the last time those seats were on the ballot in 2014. > NBC 4 Milwaukee