Zweifel: Those pesky regulations save people’s lives


Big business in America repeats it like it’s part of the Ten Commandments: lower taxes and fewer regulations. That’s the answer to everything, according to organizations like Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce. Tax us less and get the heck out of the way and everything will be just fine. Truth is, corporate America can’t be trusted. > The Cap Times

Wisconsin’s biggest business group supports more road revenue – just not right now


Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, the state’s largest business lobbying group, says its board supports a gas tax or vehicle registration fee increase to pay for roads, but it also says those ideas aren’t politically viable this year, given allies Gov. Walker and Senate Republicans are opposed to the fees. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Business lobby opposes GOP bills to close the “dark store loophole”

A pair of GOP bills moving through the legislature that would prevent big-box stores from shifting the tax burden to homeowners and small businesses is meeting resistance from Wisconsin’s largest business lobby.  >  Wisconsin Public Radio

‘Almost as bad as Flint’: Who should foot the bill to replace Wisconsin’s lead pipes?

Over 50 bipartisan cosponsors and lobbying organizations are supporting a bill to tackle the state’s lead pipe crisis by passing the cost along to local water utilities. But Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce is lobbying against the bill, arguing the cost should fall to cities, who they say could have started solving the problems years ago.  >  The Cap Times

State’s business lobby fights bill to remove lead from drinking water

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce said while everyone shares the goal of replacing lead water lines, they don’t want the costs to be covered by revenue from water utility bills.  >  Wisconsin State Journal

Reactions to Trump in Kenosha from Baldwin, Pocan, other lawmakers, WMC

Various Wisconsin lawmakers released statements Tuesday after Trump’s visit to Kenosha, where he signed the “Buy American, Hire American” executive order. Remarks are linked below from U.S. Sen. Baldwin, U.S. Rep. Pocan, Senate Democratic Leader Shilling, state Rep. Kerkman, and Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce.  Continue reading