WMC brags about how many wins they’ve scored with Wisconsin’s GOP legislature

In the latest issue of its “Wisconsin Business Voice” magazine, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) boasts that it won victories “too numerous to mention” from the Republican-dominated legislature last session. > Wisconsin Gazette

WMC spending on Supreme Court candidate tops $1.3 million


The corporate special interest lobby the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce is back on the air with a second round of television and a radio ads in support of their favored Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate, Michael Screnock. > One Wisconsin Now

Wisconsin business execs back the big Foxconn incentives, survey shows


Nearly three-fourths of Wisconsin business leaders say they at least somewhat approve of the generous economic package the state is giving Foxconn, according to a survey by the state’s largest business lobbying organization, although only 30 percent said they “strongly” support it. > Madison.com

Business lobby: Remove ‘America’s Dairyland’ from Wisconsin license plates


The head of the state’s influential business lobby says Wisconsin should consider scrapping the slogan that has adorned its vehicle license plates since World War II: “America’s Dairyland.” > Wisconsin State Journal

Beware new front group formed on water policy


A new group that says it aims to protect state waters appears to be a front group with ties to powerful business, agriculture and manufacturing interests. The Wisconsin Water Alliance says water must be protected for “current and future generations of families, cities, businesses, and others.” But take a look at the group’s officers. > Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

Panel on Wisconsin economy divided on Foxconn deal at Cap Times Idea Fest


When you’re talking about Wisconsin’s economic outlook, the Foxconn deal is bound to come up. And when it played a prominent role Saturday in a economic panel discussion at the Cap Times Idea Fest, panel participants were divided on the wisdom of throwing $3 billion in tax breaks to the Taiwanese tech giant. > Cap Times

Zweifel: Those pesky regulations save people’s lives


Big business in America repeats it like it’s part of the Ten Commandments: lower taxes and fewer regulations. That’s the answer to everything, according to organizations like Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce. Tax us less and get the heck out of the way and everything will be just fine. Truth is, corporate America can’t be trusted. > The Cap Times