Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate: Political values of state high court justices matter


In a guest column for the Cap Times, Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Time Burns writes: Wisconsin is ultimately not dependent on the U.S. Supreme Court’s gerrymandering decision to fix our redistricting problems. Our state has a constitution, too, and any redistricting measure has to comply with it. That’s why the political values of our judges matter.


State doesn’t need another lawless justice on high court


Touting endorsements from scandal-plagued politicians, Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Michael Screnock has fallen in with the wrong crowd. By associating his campaign with current and former jurists who have shamed themselves and the court, Screnock signals that, at the very least, he has no understanding of the crisis the court is facing. > Cap Times

Common Cause holding town halls on state’s judicial recusal problem


Nonpartisan, nonprofit Common Cause in Wisconsin is holding town hall public hearings in Milwaukee and Madison on the theme “Why We Need Effective Judicial Recusal Rules in Wisconsin”, given the state is among the four worst in terms of recusal standards for judges receiving campaign contributions. It held a Green Bay town hall Monday.

Candidates divided on place of politics in Supreme Court elections


The two candidates for the state’s highest court who are backed by liberals on Friday showed deep divisions on whether politics has a place in judicial elections. Madison attorney Tim Burns has said repeatedly that he holds progressive values and would uphold them if he were elected to the court. > Wisconsin State Journal

What the Wisconsin Supreme Court doesn’t want you to see


For two decades, Wisconsin was a shining example of what an open court system could be. The state Supreme Court was one of the few in the nation that conducted deliberations in public. Now that experiment in good government is over. > Wisconsin State Journal

Supreme Court candidate: A ‘Better Deal’ requires fair courts


Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Tim Burns writes in The Cap Times: “The success of the Better Deal will depend on America’s courts. ‘Deals’ matter. They have lifted all of us — not just the top half of the top 1 percent. But for deals to work, we need fair courts without a right-wing agenda.”