Dallet: I won’t back down from gun lobby that’s funding my Supreme Court opponent

Supreme Court candidate Rebecca Dallet writes in the Cap Times: “Unsurprisingly, the Republican party and big-money interests, including the NRA, have thrown their full support behind my opponent — and why wouldn’t they? He’s proven time and again that he’s more interested in advancing their extreme right-wing agenda than taking a fair and honest approach.”

National figures, fundraisers turn their eyes towards Wisconsin’s Supreme Court race


As the state Supreme Court race between Milwaukee County Judge Rebecca Dallet and Sauk County Judge Michael Screnock nears its final stages, attention and dollars from national figures and groups are flowing into both campaigns. > The Daily Cardinal

Wisconsin Gazette: Vote Dallet on April 3 to beat the right-wing money machine


Conservative judicial candidates like Michael Screnock have an easy path to the Wisconsin bench, powered not only by donations from the Republican Party, but also from the WMC and PACs funded by the Koch brothers and other uber-rich corporate donors. The Wisconsin Gazette endorses Rebecca Dallet as a vote against that dark money machine.

Rachel Maddow highlights Wisconsin Supreme Court race


On The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC this week, Maddow included a segment on Wisconsin’s Supreme Court race and the national attention it’s starting to attract from Eric Holder and others. Watch the clip on the Dallet campaign’s Facebook page.

How Wisconsin can create a better state Supreme Court


Wisconsin is one of 13 states that holds (supposedly) non-partisan elections for state Supreme Court. And while a functioning democracy needs a trustworthy and independent judiciary, the process increasingly is influenced by spending. Regardless of ideological bent, money muddies the waters. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Holder campaigns in Wisconsin for Dallet


Eric Holder urged students on the UW-Madison campus Friday to vote for Rebecca Dallet in her bid for the state high court. Holder’s event, hosted by the Democratic student outreach group NextGen America, caps off a two-day swing through Milwaukee and Madison. > Wisconsin State Journal

Holder campaigns for Dallet as GOP questions her ability to hear controversial cases


Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder visited Milwaukee and Madison Thursday to implore liberal activists to turn out the vote for Supreme Court candidate Rebecca Dallet and fight election maps that favor Republicans. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel