Walker challenger Vinehout: A wheelchair is not a trampoline


During the recent Senate debate on Gov. Walker’s welfare reform bills, proponents declared the best road out of poverty was a job. No one in the Senate disagreed. However, 60 percent of non-elderly Medicaid recipients already work, while another third are in school, ill or caring for someone in need. > Tomah Journal

Walker’s welfare reform could become model for national GOP


Gov. Scott Walker is a handful of votes away from implementing one of the most sweeping overhauls to a state welfare system in decades. As President Trump and Republicans around the country begin contemplating entitlement reforms, Walker’s legislation could serve as a model, both in state capitals and in Congress. > The Hill

Wisconsin Legislature passes Walker welfare overhaul


The bulk of Gov. Scott Walker’s welfare overhaul package, including increasing work requirements for food stamp recipients and imposing them on parents for the first time, won final legislative approval Tuesday. All of Walker’s 10 welfare overhaul bills passed the Assembly last week, with the Senate approving all but one this week. > AP News

Wisconsin Legislature to vote on reinsurance, tax cuts


In a mad dash to the finish of their legislative session, Wisconsin lawmakers plan to vote this week on several key bills that would address insurance costs, tax cuts, welfare requirements, juvenile justice, abortion, wetlands, child tax credits, school aid, attracting workers and state employee pay raises. > AP News

Assembly Republicans pass full slate of Walker’s welfare limits

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The Wisconsin Assembly on Thursday approved Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed welfare limits and sought federal help to cover more of the nearly $90 million in costs from the proposals. Republicans approved the bills on party-line 62-35 votes, sending them to the Senate, where they are expected to pass quickly. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Walker optimistic on juvenile justice, not ‘alcohol czar’


Gov. Scott Walker said he’s confident his legislative priorities of a child tax rebate, a juvenile justice system overhaul and new work requirements for welfare recipients will pass through the legislature this session, but he showed little enthusiasm to create a new “alcohol czar” position. > AP News / La Crosse Tribune

Northern lawmakers have different views on need to reform state welfare


A pair of northern Wisconsin lawmakers have different views on reforming the state’s welfare system. For state Rep. Romaine Quinn (R-Barron), the package responds to a worker shortage, while Democrats are critical of calling a special session during an election year for measures that could have been handled in last year’s state budget. > Wisconsin Public Radio