Budget committee rejects income tax cut, credit for working poor, while passing cuts for rich, business owners


Lawmakers next week will take up a two-year spending plan that includes tax cuts for wealthy families and business owners but rejects Gov. Walker’s proposals to ease the tax burden on poorer families, under amendments adopted late Wednesday by the Legislature’s Republican-controlled budget committee. > Wisconsin State Journal

Walker, Republicans see a lot to like in state budget


State Republicans see a lot to like in the proposed budget that could pass the Legislature next week, but Democratic opponents say it is a pay-off for the wealthy. Walker challenger Tony Evers said the budget’s tax breaks for the rich and rejected tax credit for the working poor shows Republicans are out of touch. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Two state tax credits help those who least need help


A state budget will be passed one of these days, and it’ll include some of the same sleights of hand that reward those who need it least. Give some credit to the politicians who pull this off, lining the pockets of the rich while claiming to help average Janes and Joes. > Cap Times

Income inequality in Wisconsin at highest level since Great Depression


Wisconsin is seeing a growing income gap between its top earners and the average worker, according to a report released by the Wisconsin Budget Project and the Center on Wisconsin Strategy (COWS) in Madison. On average, the richest 1 percent in Wisconsin made 19 times as much as everyone else in 2014, according to the data. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Patriotic Millionaires recruiting in Wisconsin, but their name may fool you


Though their high net worth name suggests wealthy conservatives, the Patriotic Millionaires’ primary goals are to raise the minimum wage, alter the tax code so that wealthy executives and their admin assistants pay the same proportion of their incomes, and reduce the corrupting influence of money in politics. > WisconsinGazette.com

Slice it any of 3 ways and the answer remains: Wisconsin’s wealthy get the most tax relief


Since 2011, Wisconsin lawmakers have prioritized cutting taxes. According to the Wisconsin Budget Project, no matter which of three methods are used for quantifying who gets the tax cuts, the result is that the highest earners received the largest tax cut and the lowest earners received the smallest. > WisconsinGazette.com

Fact check: Do richest 1 percent pay lowest tax rate in Wisconsin?

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PolitiFact Wisconsin applies their Truth-O-Meter to gubernatorial candidate Mike McCabe’s claim that “When you look at all the state and local taxes we pay in Wisconsin, the wealthiest 1 percent pay the lowest overall tax rate.” > PolitiFact Wisconsin