Three years later, Wisconsin hasn’t stopped toxic chemical flow


Across the country, PFAS compounds have been released from military installations that used heat-resistant firefighting foam, and from businesses that applied impermeable, nonstick coatings to items. Here in Wisconsin, heavy concentrations have been found in groundwater near at least a half-dozen locations. > Wisc News

Poll: 1st District voters support Land and Water Conservation Fund


National Wildlife Federation officials are urging House Speaker Paul Ryan to reauthorize and fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund after a poll in the 1st District showed overwhelming support for it. Seventy-one percent of poll respondents said they want to renew the program, which expired in September after Congress failed to reauthorize it. > Janesville Gazette

Great Lakes Compact Council approves changes to rules guiding water diversions

A council that manages and protects the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River basin is changing the rules for communities that want to withdraw and use water outside the watershed. But Great Lakes mayors and environmental groups say the changes don’t go far enough to strengthen their multi-state agreement. > Wisconsin Public Radio

DNR permits wells in areas where judge ruled pumping would harm streams

Wisconsin has approved new high-capacity-well applications in sensitive areas where permits were invalidated by a judge last year because heavy water withdrawals could damage nearby streams. > Wisconsin State Journal

Candidates for governor, AG present clear-cut choices on environmental issues

In their time in state office, Gov. Scott Walker and Attorney General Brad Schimel have eased penalties for polluters and sued to block federal rules aimed at water pollution, smog and climate-altering greenhouse gases. Their Democratic opponents are vowing to reverse several of those policies. > Wisconsin State Journal

More evidence that contaminants from Johnson Controls subsidiary are flowing into Green Bay


A new report from a Johnson Controls subsidiary that manufactures firefighting chemicals in northeastern Wisconsin provides the clearest evidence to date that contaminants from company operations are flowing into Green Bay at multiple points. > Green Bay Press Gazette

Runoff at Foxconn site raises concerns about stormwater management

Like many areas in the state, Monday’s heavy rain caused problems at the Foxconn construction site in the Village of Mount Pleasant. Runoff from the site poured into the Pike River, captured on video by a local activist. > Wisconsin Public Radio