Walker signs measure clearing way for copper and gold mining


Gov. Scott Walker signed a measure Monday clearing the way for mining copper and gold in Wisconsin, handing a win to business groups over the proposal’s environmental opponents. In the Rhinelander signing, Walker repealed a nearly two-decade-old state law that barred companies from extracting minerals besides iron because of pollution concerns. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Great Lakes, great stakes: A hostile EPA threatens to undo past progress


President Trump’s EPA head Scott Pruitt likens environmental stewardship to harvesting an apple orchard. But what if that orchard is bordered by eight states and two nations? What if it holds 20 percent of the world’s surface freshwater? > The Progressive

Baldwin, U.S. Senate stick up for Great Lakes protection


Congress is wisely reversing President Trump’s irresponsible attempt to cut $300 million in annual funding for Great Lakes restoration. A key Senate committee last week included the money in a spending bill for 2018, with U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin helping to lead the bipartisan effort. > Wisconsin State Journal

Wisconsin, under Scott Walker, no longer leads in conservation

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Walker and GOP lawmakers have used one-party control since 2011 to engineer the biggest shift in natural resource management since the Clean Water Act. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Lee Bergquist takes an in-depth look.

Zweifel: Air and water suffer as politicians pander


There’s obviously no end to the degradation of what was once Wisconsin’s revered environmental heritage by the wrecking crew that currently runs state government. The latest outrage is yet another proposal putting the interests of big business political donors ahead of safeguarding our state’s natural beauty, environmental equilibrium and water quality. > Cap Times

Stripping wetland protections to have consequences, intended or not


Construction work has filled Wisconsin wetlands at a quickened pace since 2012 when a law loosened regulations while requiring builders to minimize the damage they do, data reviewed by the Wisconsin State Journal show. Over the same five years, demand for state permits allowing wetland elimination accelerated even more rapidly.

Public finally scores a victory on Wisconsin water


The Wisconsin DNR has long been the guardian of the state’s lakes and rivers, until Scott Walker and company got their hands on the department. That’s why this week’s Dane County Circuit Court ruling provides a glimmer of hope that the current DNR and Republican AG Schimel can at least somewhat be reined in. > Cap Times