More evidence that contaminants from Johnson Controls subsidiary are flowing into Green Bay


A new report from a Johnson Controls subsidiary that manufactures firefighting chemicals in northeastern Wisconsin provides the clearest evidence to date that contaminants from company operations are flowing into Green Bay at multiple points. > Green Bay Press Gazette

Runoff at Foxconn site raises concerns about stormwater management

Like many areas in the state, Monday’s heavy rain caused problems at the Foxconn construction site in the Village of Mount Pleasant. Runoff from the site poured into the Pike River, captured on video by a local activist. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Walker signs contentious wetlands development bill


Gov. Scott Walker signed a contentious bill Wednesday that helps developers win wetland construction permits, achieving one of Republican lawmakers’ key goals for this legislative session. > Wisconsin State Journal

Illinois communities raise worries about environmental harm from Foxconn plant


More local officials in northeastern Illinois are raising concerns about the enforcement of environmental regulations for the planned Foxconn manufacturing plant in neighboring Wisconsin. Several communities along the state line have joined county leaders in resolutions calling on Wisconsin officials to reconsider waiving environmental regulations for the Taiwanese company. > AP News

EPA says it welcomes public’s ideas on continued Great Lakes cleanup

The U.S. EPA says it wants the public to help shape the next five years of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. Over the last nine years, the GLRI has coordinated and distributed almost $3 billion for cleanup work around the lakes, including dozens of projects in Wisconsin. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Spencer Black: Degraded waterways part of Scott Walker’s legacy

More than 800 waterways have been added to the list of lakes and streams that exceed phosphorus and other pollutant limits since Scott Walker became governor. In addition to weakening regulations that control shoreline development and dredging, Walker has allowed the destruction of more wetlands, which absorb pollutants before they reach the lakes. > Cap Times

Baldwin fighting for ‘Buy America’ provision in Senate’s water infrastructure bill

Sen. Tammy Baldwin is turning up the heat on President Trump to back a provision that would require American steel and iron be used for water infrastructure projects, a move that could hold up passage of the bill because the provision was left out of the House’s version. > Washington Examiner