Time-traveling Samantha Bee warns Americans about the year U.S. democracy fell, and Wisconsin gets a mention

Samantha Bee warned Americans about the downfall of democracy by “traveling back in time” from 2068, skewering Republicans in Wisconsin, Florida, Michigan and Ohio for working to ensure the opposing party didn’t gain too much power. > Bustle

‘A reason to stand up’: Wisconsin activists fight threat to African American vote


Voting rights advocates are mobilizing after Scott Walker signed a lame-duck bill limiting early voting, a move that is being characterized as “retribution” by Republicans and an attempt to “stack the deck” against Democrats by discriminating against African Americans and Latinos. > The Guardian

Does Trump have a path for winning Wisconsin again in 2020?

Wisconsin is a critical state to President Trump’s re-election strategy, with any calculation getting him to 270 electoral votes necessarily including Wisconsin’s 10. But Republican Gov. Scott Walker just lost a bid for a third term, setting up some challenges for Trump to win the state again in 2020. Nevertheless, here’s how Trump can prevail again. > RealClearPolitics

Wisconsin’s new early voting limit has been challenged in federal court

A coalition of liberal groups and former Democratic U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder have asked a federal judge to block implementation of the new early voting restrictions signed into law by Gov. Scott Walker last week. The same judge in 2016 struck down a similar two-week early voting limitation as unconstitutional. > AP News

Bloomberg lists Walker among potential contenders to become Trump’s Interior Secretary


With President Trump announcing Saturday that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke will leave his administration at the end of the year, speculations are swirling on who will replace Zinke. And among the eight identified contenders is Gov. Scott Walker. > FOX 6 Milwaukee

Walker mercilessly mocked on social media for what a Venn diagram should actually look like


To explain the lame-duck changes he signed into law Friday, Gov. Scott Walker brought along a visual aid intended to look like a Venn diagram. But instead of the two circles overlapping with similarities in the middle and differences in the outer circles, Walker’s was no Venn at all, and critics on social media were merciless. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

As Walker exits, Vos ready to step forward

Robin Vos, who has been speaker since 2013, is used to being at the center of Wisconsin’s biggest political battles. As Gov. Scott Walker leaves office, Vos is positioning himself to take over as the state’s most powerful Republican and is determined to protect conservative interests in the key Midwestern swing state from Democratic Gov.-elect Tony Evers. > AP News