GOP sabotage of Obamacare is the true cause of Anthem exiting Wisconsin’s exchange


Zweifel: I wonder if there’s ever before been a time when politicians broke into cheers because thousands of their constituents were going to lose their health insurance. That’s what happened last week when insurance giant Anthem announced it was withdrawing from the Wisconsin ACA marketplace, with Gov. Walker leading the cheers. > The Cap Times

How the state budget debate boils down right now


Wisconsin isn’t getting its state budget done on time. That’s largely because Gov. Walker and the state Senate disagree with the Assembly on how to pay for transportation needs. Or more precisely, they differ on whether to pay for what they spend now, versus pushing more of that cost into the future. > Wisconsin State Journal

Walker backs Johnson’s opposition to GOP health bill


Gov. Walker says he supports Sen. Ron Johnson’s opposition to the Senate health care bill at this point. Walker told reporters he hopes the bill can be changed to help protect the system in place in Wisconsin. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Bryce holds first rally of campaign in Kenosha, joined by large crowd of enthusiastic supporters


Less than a week after announcing his campaign against House Speaker Paul Ryan, ironworker Randy Bryce held his first campaign rally Saturday at the UAW Local 72 Hall in Kenosha. Bryce was joined by various allies, as well as a large crowd of SE Wisconsin supporters and more than 15,000 people via Facebook Live. > WisPolitics

Lawmakers will miss budget deadline as divide remains on transportation, taxes

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GOP lawmakers and Gov. Walker can still make a respectable showing compared to the budgets passed by previous Legislatures and governors. But with no deal yet on transportation and taxes, it’s too late to pass a bill and get Walker to sign it before the state’s current budget runs out on June 30. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Politifact concludes “True” on Pocan’s claim that Walker still hasn’t met his 2010 jobs promise

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During the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s annual convention in early June, U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan said: “Seven years later, (Scott Walker) has not hit his first campaign promise of creating 250,000 jobs.” PolitiFact Wisconsin revisits Walker’s original promise to see where the jobs tally currently stands.