Timing, Trump and turning down the volume: How low-key Evers defeated Walker


It wasn’t 100,000 protesters on the Wisconsin State Capitol steps or an unprecedented recall election that took out Gov. Scott Walker. It was a 67-year-old former elementary school principal from Plymouth who indulges in Egg McMuffins and games of euchre. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Evers taking different approach to transition than Walker


Gov. Scott Walker is leaving office just like he came in — with a flourish. Walker killed high speed rail in Wisconsin days after his election win in 2010 and unveiled his Act 10 proposal within weeks of actually taking office. In stark contrast, Evers has been keeping a low profile and isn’t planning to make demands of Walker. > AP News

Ten reasons why Walker lost


Gov. Scott Walker is a smart politician and seemed to be making all the right moves. Yet Walker lost. How could such a skilled, well-funded politician get defeated? Urban Milwaukee runs through its Top 10 reasons why Walker ultimately lost.

Walker: May have ‘reformed myself out of a job’

Gov. Scott Walker is putting his confidence in Republican lawmakers to uphold a broad swath of conservative initiatives implemented under his two-term tenure as he prepares to hand the reins to Democratic Gov.-elect Tony Evers. > Cap Times

Walker, lawmakers consider helping conservative justice


Republicans are considering using their lame-duck session to help keep a conservative on the state Supreme Court and give GOP legislators greater control of two state boards. Outgoing Gov. Scott Walker saying Thursday he was on board with much of what Republican lawmakers are discussing. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Walker open to limiting replacement’s power

Gov. Scott Walker promised Thursday he wouldn’t “retreat” after losing re-election and signaled potential support for a variety of Republican-backed efforts to limit the power of his Democratic successor. In his first comments to reporters since losing to Tony Evers, Walker said he was open to a number of changes to gubernatorial power being discussed. > AP News

Tommy Thompson talks recent election results, state’s future

Former Gov. Tommy Thompson said Wednesday the mobilization of Democratic voters last week cost Republican incumbent Gov. Scott Walker the election. Other than possibly bringing President Donald Trump to suburban Milwaukee to electrify Walker’s base, there was nothing else his fellow Republican could have done to win another term, Thompson said. > Wisconsin Public Radio