Minnesota passes Wisconsin in total jobs after adding more jobs than Wisconsin every year since 2010

Minnesota had more jobs than Wisconsin in 2017, marking the first time in recent history it has passed its Midwest neighbor. Data released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showed Minnesota nudged ahead of Wisconsin by 3,096 total jobs. It’s not much, but consider that Wisconsin’s population is 200,000 higher than Minnesota’s. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Don’t panic about the congested field running against Scott Walker

There is much hand-wringing among progressives that none of the Democratic hopefuls has taken off as a consensus choice and that this state of affairs will linger. One gets why they’re discomfited by the uncertainty we’ll likely experience through July. But there is an upside — actually more than one. > Cap Times

Third episode out of ‘Wedge Issues’ podcast, this time featuring governor candidate Kelda Roys


The Cap Times introduced its new “Wedge Issues” podcast two weeks ago, offering up once-a-week episodes until the November election talking to the state’s candidates, political strategists, analysts and power players. Gubernatorial candidate Mahlon Mitchell was featured in the first episode and Kelda Roys this week. Find it here or wherever you get your podcasts.

League of Conservation Voters launches ‘Walker’s Wisconsin’ to spotlight his anti-conservation agenda


As part of its “Field Guide to Taking Back Wisconsin” campaign, Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters is kicking off a series to recount how Gov. Scott Walker has taken our state, once considered a conservation model, to somewhere that’s hardly recognizable. The series will focus on air, climate change, democracy, land, and water. > Wisconsin Gazette

How Walker hopes to surf the blue wave to re-election


For Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, the blue wave is both a credible threat and an effective campaign message. As spring turns to summer, Walker remains one of the only major Republican lawmakers actively offering stark assessments of the political landscape this midterm season. And he got an early start too. > Washington Examiner

Will the Tea Party era end where it started—in Wisconsin?


The Walker era began in 2010, an extraordinarily good year for Republicans, and it endured under Obama, whose political bent and character both kept conservatives’ blood pressure high. But political Wisconsinites seem to have some difficulty imagining what might replace this era. > The New Yorker

Walker points to safety bill in wake of Texas shooting

Asked Tuesday whether more needs to be done to bolster student safety in the wake of last week’s deadly high school shooting in Texas, Gov. Scott Walker touted the bill he signed in March that provides school districts with $100 million in grants for security upgrades in their buildings. > WZAW-TV Wausau