Enrollment in Wisconsin’s school voucher programs increasing


Enrollment in Wisconsin’s school voucher programs is on the rise, with taxpayers set to  spend $302 million this year on vouchers to send students to private schools, up $33 million over last year. Much of the increase is among students living outside Milwaukee and Racine. > AP News

Four Dem candidates for governor unite in support for ending school vouchers

At a forum held Sunday on Madison’s east side featuring just four of the eight Democratic candidates, all four – Kelda Roys, Mahlon Mitchell, Mike McCabe and Kathleen Vinehout –  said they would end the state’s school voucher programs. > Cap Times

From the right: Dem governor candidates are out of step on school choice


Conservative Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Christian Schneider writes that among the top gubernatorial challengers, promising to end school choice has become to state Democrats what Donald’s Trump’s Mexican border wall became to Republicans — an impossible task that nonetheless allows a candidate to signal false bravado in order to pacify the party’s base.

Democrats running for governor would seek to roll back school vouchers


Two Democratic candidates for governor have said they would immediately end the state’s four school voucher programs, while the rest of the Democratic field says they would either freeze enrollment or phase out the programs over time. > Wisconsin State Journal

Wisconsin submits Evers’ Education Accountability Plan to Trump, DeVos


Wisconsin has submitted a federally required school improvement plan to President Trump’s administration over objections from Gov. Walker and conservative groups that it doesn’t do enough to embrace innovative ideas, such as expanding private school choice programs. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has four months to review Wisconsin’s plan and is likely to approve it. > FOX 21 Superior

What the pro-voucher camp is saying: School choice opponents’ arguments are ‘tired and false’


From the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty: “By repeating the false narrative about school choice, Rep. Chris Taylor seeks to propagate a system where families most in need of alternatives are stuck in failing schools. Unlike Taylor, I refuse to sacrifice the education of our children at the altar of the public school establishment.” > Cap Times

Lawmakers set new schools funding and voucher expansion for next state budget


Republican lawmakers writing the next state budget voted Monday night to include a $639 million funding increase for Wisconsin schools — about $10 million less than the record amount Gov. Scott Walker proposed earlier this year. The budget-writing committee also increased the household income limits for participation in the statewide private voucher school program. > Wisconsin State Journal