Wisconsin a key state for Russian hacking


There is increasing proof of widespread Russian cyber hacking. And yet there’s also evidence that certain states were targeted for more interference, and one of them was Wisconsin. Ultimately, key members of the state’s congressional delegation, namely Johnson, Ryan and Duffy, may be facing a raft of embarrassing questions over the situation. > Urban Milwaukee

Voting rights op-ed from AG challenger Josh Kaul


This past Saturday was the one-year anniversary of a voting-rights victory that Josh Kaul and his colleagues won against Brad Schimel in federal court in Wisconsin. Kaul revisits the victory with updates in light of a Trump administration. > Josh Kaul Facebook page

ICYMI: Wisconsin gerrymandering plaintiff pens TIME op-ed

Nation Goes To The Polls In Contentious Presidential Election Between Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump

In “purple” states, both parties compete for statewide offices. Both parties should also have a chance to elect state legislative majorities. Anything else is not democracy.Voters should choose their legislators. Instead, in Wisconsin and in many other states, legislators have chosen their voters. > Time.com

Sensenbrenner persists in pushing Congress to reauthorize modern Voting Rights Act


Despite previous congressional inaction on the Voting Rights Act co-sponsored by Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, he says: “I will continue to pursue it because no American eligible to vote should be silenced or deterred from voting due to the color of his or her skin.” > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Wisconsin will comply with some of Trump commission’s demands for state voter data


Wisconsin elections officials said Friday that they’ll sell some voter information to a presidential commission investigating election fraud – just as they do to various political parties, candidates and researchers – but that other data in Trump’s commission request is off-limits. > Wisconsin State Journal