In Texas, 2018’s first primary points to liberal enthusiasm

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Democratic voters showed up in force in Texas on Tuesday for the nation’s first primary of the year, providing fresh evidence that liberal enthusiasm could reshape even deeply Republican states come November. Turnout appeared to be up for both parties, but the Democrats showed the greatest growth. > Washington Post

Cory Booker joins Tammy Baldwin to meet with minority business leaders in Madison

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Senators Tammy Baldwin and Cory Booker were in Madison this weekend to meet with young African American professionals and business entrepreneurs. Their meeting focused on the importance of early voter engagement and voter turnout in the upcoming mid-term elections in Wisconsin. > ABC 27 Madison

State election officials looking to reduce number of voters missing from voting lists


State elections officials are hoping a review of voting lists will avoid a repeat of the Feb. 20 primary, during which some voters showed up at the polls to find their names had been purged from poll books. > Cap Times

Fact checking the Wisconsin Supreme Court candidates (primary is Feb. 20)


PolitiFact Wisconsin provides a rundown of the fact checks they’ve done on the three candidates running in the Feb. 20, 2018 primary election for Wisconsin Supreme Court. The two candidates who win the most votes will face each other on April 3, 2018, with the winner replacing conservative justice Michael Gableman.

The two progressive candidates on next week’s Supreme Court ballot


On Feb. 20, Wisconsin voters will find three candidates for Wisconsin Supreme Court on their primary ballots. One of them will succeed conservative Justice Michael Gableman, who’s opted not to run for a second 10-year term. > Wisconsin Gazette

Listen: WPR interviews with Supreme Court candidates Dallet and Burns

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Wisconsin Public Radio’s “Central Time” program last week interviewed the two more liberal candidates running in the primary Feb. 20 for Wisconsin’s Supreme Court. You can listen to the interviews with Rebecca Dallet and Tim Burns here.

The end of a trend for Wisconsin’s Supreme Court?


Although it’s officially a nonpartisan body, the State Supreme Court holds a publicly-known 5-2 conservative majority. With next Tuesday’s primary, it’s possible that the only conservative candidate could be knocked from the race. > Isthmus