How hackers could attack Wisconsin’s elections and what state officials are doing about it

Cybersecurity experts warn that private vendors, modems and removable memory devices make the state’s decentralized voting system vulnerable to attack. But state officials insist they are on top of the problem and that Wisconsin’s elections infrastructure is secure. > Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism

Even in polarized, partisan Wisconsin, swing voters exist and will be heard from this fall


Wisconsin voters appear to be as polarized as they could possibly be going into the 2018 election, seemingly split between two warring tribes who vote in lockstep. But about 30 percent of the electorate is made up of soft partisans, who, when pressed, admit they lean toward one party or the other and usually vote that way. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Planned Parenthood’s $20M voter turnout initiative coming to Wisconsin

Planned Parenthood this week announced a $20 million ground game initiative for the midterm elections, targeting 10 states including Wisconsin. It’s the largest ground game ever organized by the organization. > Roll Call

Wisconsin sees democracy decline, reflecting U.S. discontent


The Edelman Trust Barometer, which has been gauging public faith in U.S. institutions for 18 years, said 2018 saw the “steepest, most dramatic general population decline the Trust Barometer has ever measured,” with just 33 percent of the public expressing trust in the government — down 14 points from 2017. > AP News

Last thoughts on the race to face Scott Walker


Cap Times editor and publisher Paul Fanlund offers his final printed perspective on the upcoming primary to choose a Democratic challenger to Scott Walker. Voters will face eight contenders on Aug. 14.

How to vote early, absentee or in-person for the Aug. 14 primaries


With Primary Day less than two weeks away, time is running short to make sure you’re ready. Have you moved? Are you registered? What are the absentee deadlines? What will be on your ballot? All this information and more can be found at MyVote Wisconsin.

Voting systems in Wisconsin can be hacked, security experts warn

Russians have been testing the vulnerability of elections in Wisconsin and other states for years, and U.S. intelligence officials warn the 2018 midterm elections are again a potential target. And though demonstrations show that even non-internet connected machines can be breached, state and local officials are saying not to worry. > Wisconsin Public Radio