‘A reason to stand up’: Wisconsin activists fight threat to African American vote


Voting rights advocates are mobilizing after Scott Walker signed a lame-duck bill limiting early voting, a move that is being characterized as “retribution” by Republicans and an attempt to “stack the deck” against Democrats by discriminating against African Americans and Latinos. > The Guardian

Wisconsin’s new early voting limit has been challenged in federal court

A coalition of liberal groups and former Democratic U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder have asked a federal judge to block implementation of the new early voting restrictions signed into law by Gov. Scott Walker last week. The same judge in 2016 struck down a similar two-week early voting limitation as unconstitutional. > AP News

The GOP election plan is simple: When you don’t win, cheat

The voter disenfranchisement on display in Wisconsin, Michigan and North Carolina is an extension of broader Republican efforts to reject the will of citizens who vote in ways they don’t like, the same people who might block their path to power in future elections. The devil takes many forms, as does voter suppression. > Rolling Stone

Wisconsin Republicans forge ahead with power-stripping bills

Wisconsin Republicans moved quickly Monday with a rare lame-duck session that would change the 2020 presidential primary date to benefit a conservative Supreme Court justice and weaken the newly elected Democratic governor and attorney general, as well as reduce the window for early voting. > AP News

What do Republicans have against high-turnout elections? Everything.

Lame-duck Governor Scott Walker is talking about rewriting Wisconsin election rules to thwart a future high-turnout election. Why? Because when turnout spikes, Democrats win. > The Nation

Scott Walker doesn’t feel rejected


In his first public comments since last week’s election loss to State Superintendent Tony Evers, Walker chalked up his defeat to massive voter turnout. “In no way did I see it as a rejection, but rather just a larger electorate than we’ve ever seen in the past,” Walker said. > Wisconsin State Journal

Wisconsin’s 2018 mid-term turnout breaks record


Statewide turnout in Wisconsin was remarkable in the 2018 election no matter how you measure it. Nearly 2.7 million people voted, which is easily the most ever votes cast in a Wisconsin mid-term, and higher than the 2,516,065 that voted in the 2012 recall election. Estimates are pegging turnout to almost 60 percent of the voting-age population. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel