Wisconsin’s 2018 mid-term turnout breaks record


Statewide turnout in Wisconsin was remarkable in the 2018 election no matter how you measure it. Nearly 2.7 million people voted, which is easily the most ever votes cast in a Wisconsin mid-term, and higher than the 2,516,065 that voted in the 2012 recall election. Estimates are pegging turnout to almost 60 percent of the voting-age population. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

As election nears, public campaign seeks to help voters with photo ID requirement

As the Nov. 6 election nears, a voting rights campaign is ramping up efforts to help voters comply with Wisconsin’s requirement to show a photo ID at the polls. > Wisconsin State Journal

Planned Parenthood’s $20M voter turnout initiative coming to Wisconsin

Planned Parenthood this week announced a $20 million ground game initiative for the midterm elections, targeting 10 states including Wisconsin. It’s the largest ground game ever organized by the organization. > Roll Call

Turnout favors Dems in Wisconsin’s primaries

Wisconsin’s Republican primary for U.S. Senate generated millions of dollars in campaign spending this year, but in Tuesday’s election, it was the Democratic primary for governor that generated considerably more votes. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Turnout in Wisconsin primary highest since 2002


Based on official results, turnout in Tuesday’s election was 22.2 percent. That is the highest since 22.5 percent in 2002, when Jim Doyle won the multi-candidate Democratic primary for a chance to challenge then Gov. Scott McCallum. > Wisconsin State Journal

Can Milwaukee solve its voter turnout problem?

In the age of Scott Walker, Wisconsin Democrats have no chance in statewide elections without a big turnout in Milwaukee and Madison. And the turnout has been far better in Madison and Dane County in recent years. In fact, though Dane County has 55 percent of Milwaukee County’s population, more of voters turned out there. > Urban Milwaukee