Former Trump advisor: Scott Walker has ‘rigged’ five elections


A former advisor to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has accused Gov. Scott Walker and Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus of rigging multiple elections in Wisconsin. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Wisconsin voters are confused over ID law, professor tells election officials

Wisconsin voters don’t have a good handle on what types of identification they can use to cast a ballot, a UW-Madison political science professor told the state Elections Commission Tuesday, saying “There is a lot of confusion about what qualifies and what doesn’t qualify.” > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dane County Board to urge end to Voter ID requirement


The Dane County Board will vote Thursday night on a resolution calling for the state to suspend its photo ID voting law until changes ensure access to the ballot box. The move follows a study which found 11 percent of registered Dane and Milwaukee county voters did not participate in the 2016 election because of ID requirements. > Madison365

Rigged: How voter suppression threw Wisconsin to Trump


After the November election, registered voters in Milwaukee County and Madison’s Dane County were surveyed about why they didn’t cast a ballot. Eleven percent cited the voter ID law and said they didn’t have an acceptable ID; of those, more than half said the law was the “main reason” they didn’t vote. > Mother Jones

Why is the Wisconsin GOP so afraid of voter ID facts?


Wisconsin State Treasurer Matt Adamczyk, a laughable figure who occupies a constitutional office that he says should be eliminated, wants to punish officials who are actually interested in doing their jobs. What are he and his cronies so afraid of? > Cap Times

What Wisconsin’s 2016 voter ID study means and doesn’t mean

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In a study released in September, UW-Madison political scientist Kenneth Mayer found that the state’s voter ID law kept significant numbers of people from voting in Dane and Milwaukee counties in the November 2016 election. Here’s a few things to keep in mind about what the study means and what it doesn’t. > WisContext

State treasurer asks Legislature to penalize Dane County for funding voter ID study


Republican State Treasurer Matt Adamczyk has called on the Legislature to penalize Dane County for funding a UW-Madison study on the effects of the state’s voter ID law. Dane County spent $55,000 on the study that concluded nearly 17,000 registered voters in Dane and Milwaukee counties may have been deterred by the controversial law. > Wisconsin State Journal