Were 2016 vote counts in Wisconsin hacked? The Washington Post checked.


U.S. intelligence concludes Russian hacking affected the presidential campaign, but did it affect the vote count in Trump’s key Wisconsin and Michigan wins? The Washington Post dug into recount data and found that voting technologies in Michigan and Wisconsin treated candidates Trump and Clinton the same, at least in places where votes were recounted.

Former legislative aide says Wisconsin GOP was ‘giddy’ about making it harder to vote


A former Republican legislative aide testified that state legislators were “giddy” at the prospect that a radical rewrite of voting laws would benefit their political prospects. The aide was in the room in 2011 when Republican state senators were scheming to enact Wisconsin’s voter ID law, and in his testimony, he named names. > The Nation

Moore joins Dem commission to counter Trump’s voter fraud commission


Two weeks after President Trump announced a commission to investigate illegal voting, Democrats are responding with a new effort to highlight voter suppression and debunk claims that voter fraud is a widespread problem. The Commission on Protecting American Democracy from the Trump Administration is part of the DNC’s new Voter Protection & Empowerment Unit. > Huffington Post

Claim that Wisconsin’s voter ID law caused ‘200K lost votes’ on shaky ground

meter mostly false

Both the Washington Post and PolitiFact Wisconsin have applied their fact-checking chops to the claims made by Priorities USA (a left-leaning group) that its study findings show Wisconsin’s voter ID laws reduced November turnout by 200,000. The truth-o-meter reading? Mostly false, since correlation isn’t always causation.

Watch or listen: Democracy Now asks ‘Would Trump have won without Wisconsin’s voter ID law?’

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A new report has called into question whether President Trump would have won Wisconsin’s electoral votes without the state’s strict voter ID law, suggesting the law suppressed the votes of more than 200,000 residents. With Trump winning by only about 23,000 votes, Democracy Now takes a deeper look. (available in video and downloadable audio)

Study: Wisconsin’s voter ID law suppressed 200,000 votes in November


A new study shows that strict voter-ID laws in Wisconsin and other states led to a significant reduction in voter turnout in 2016, with a disproportionate impact on African-American and Democratic-leaning voters. Wisconsin’s voter-ID law reduced turnout by 200,000 votes, according to the analysis. Trump won the state by only 22,748 votes.  >  The Nation