When it comes to the vote, we’re fighting a second Civil War


With the Wisconsin legislature featuring prominently in his examples, the Rev. Jesse Jackson writes in the Chicago Sun-Times that the basic democratic value of the right to vote is now contested, with public officials openly bragging about their schemes to suppress that right.

5 things to know about Wisconsin’s stalled voter ID cases and what it might mean for fall elections

Courts have largely upheld Wisconsin’s voter ID law, but the issue — and other voting laws — are at stake in cases that have been pending before an appeals court for 16 months.. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel takes a look at where things stand heading into the Aug. 14 primary and Nov. 6 general election.

Court ruling on Wisconsin voter ID and other election laws still pending after 16 months

More than a year after hearing arguments, a federal appeals court has yet to rule on various Wisconsin voting laws, including aspects of the state’s voter ID statute. The long delay has some scratching their heads, with questions about whether the court will act before this year’s fast-approaching Aug. 14 primary.  > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Kaul criticizes AG Schimel over voter ID comments, handling of rape kits


Democratic candidate for attorney general Josh Kaul criticized Wisconsin’s top cop Wednesday, saying he had made ludicrous comments about voter ID, had failed to test rape kits and hadn’t taken action to keep the internet moving at the same speed for everyone. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Kaul calls Schimel’s voter ID remarks ‘incredible admission’


Democratic attorney general hopeful Josh Kaul says Republican incumbent Brad Schimel’s suggestion that President Donald Trump and U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson wouldn’t have won in Wisconsin without the state’s voter ID law is an “incredible admission” that the law was designed to help Republicans win elections. > AP News

Johnson talks voter ID law, tariffs and 2020 election

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) spoke with Janesville workers at Van Galder bus company about security, transportation and infrastructure. He also took time to discuss claims from Attorney General Brad Schimel, who last week suggested Johnson won his 2016 election because of the state’s voter ID law. > WQOW-TV Eau Claire

AG Schimel’s voter ID claim is a whopper


Brad Schimel may be right that were it not for voter ID, Donald Trump and Ron Johnson may not have won Wisconsin in 2016.But it wasn’t because illegal votes were thwarted, but because eligible votes were tragically suppressed. > Cap Times