Concerns over Schimel’s re-election prompt GOP lawmakers to retain private attorney in redistricting case


State Assembly leaders have hired a private attorney to intervene in a lawsuit over Wisconsin’s legislative map and will seek to dismiss the suit if a judge allows them to intervene. The decision is based, in part, on the potential of Republican AG Brad Schimel losing re-election in November, court records show. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

In the wake of Kavanaugh, who owns the Wisconsin voter enthusiasm edge?

The contentious confirmation process for U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh may serve to fire up the Republican base ahead of the Nov. 6 election, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said this week. And a new national poll released Wednesday suggests that could be true. > Cap Times


Assembly leaders from both parties eye November win

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Minority Leader Gordon Hintz outlined competing post-election agendas at a forum Tuesday. Hintz said that if state Democrats gain power in the Assembly after the November election, the first bill introduced would be legislation to redraw political boundaries he says now favor Republicans. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Hintz says Medicaid expansion compromise in Wisconsin is possible, Vos says ‘never’

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos was adamant on Tuesday that the federal Medicaid expansion will not be a compromise issue, even if Assembly Republicans find themselves working with mixed government. But Assembly Minority Leader Gordon Hintz said he thinks there is room for creative compromise. > Cap Times

Robin Vos has been paying caucus member Samantha Kerkman for side businesses for at least five years

Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has been employing and paying fellow Republican member and Assembly Majority Sergeant at Arms Rep. Samantha Kerkman through his network of private businesses going back to 2013, according to a One Wisconsin Now review of legislative Statements of Economic Interests.

Assembly Speaker Vos shocked that Walker says he won’t visit prisons


Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says he is shocked that fellow Republican Gov. Scott Walker is refusing to visit any of the state’s prisons. Though Vos made the comment during an Aug. 10 interview, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel first reported the comments today. > AP News