Right-wingers, including in our high court, keep dragging our state down


The five conservatives on the Supreme Court, who owe their offices to obscene campaign contributions and attack ads financed by in-state and out-of-state corporate interests, delivered yet another blow last week to Wisconsin unions’ ability to represent workers. > Cap Times

Gubernatorial candidate Flynn vows to undo Walker policies


Democratic gubernatorial candidate Matt Flynn vowed Friday at a campaign stop in Eau Claire to undo several of Gov. Scott Walker’s signature policies if he can emerge from a crowded field of Democrats and topple the two-term governor. > Eau Claire Leader-Telegram

Wisconsin Supreme Court OKs delay in releasing union records


Wisconsin labor officials can withhold voters’ names while union elections are underway, the state Supreme Court ruled Tuesday. Protecting voters from intimidation, harassment and coercion outweighs the public interest in disclosing the names before the elections conclude, the court said in a 5-2 decision. > AP News

How the Right’s war on unions is killing the Democratic party


In recent years, Republicans have dramatically intensified their war on organized labor. Since 2010, six states have passed “right-to-work” laws, and though few of these battles drew the same attention as what happened in Wisconsin, there’s good reason to believe these efforts will profoundly change the future of American politics. > The Nation

Workers to protest Walker’s low-wage economy ahead of Wednesday’s State of the State address


Fed up with Gov. Scott Walker’s attacks on wages, working people and their unions, local fast-food and hospital workers in the “Fight for $15” will flood the Capitol in protest Jan. 24, stressing their commitment to defeat him and elect a pro-worker governor in November. > Wisconsin Gazette

Trump administration takes a cue from Walker’s union reforms

Days after President Trump took office, Gov. Walker sat down with Mike Pence to discuss the benefits of applying many of the same rules for federal workers that Walker had instituted in Wisconsin – namely, dramatically curtailing the power of public unions to collectively bargain. It now appears that Walker may have been persuasive. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel