Fact check on GOP’s jabs over governor candidate Mitchell’s salary

The state Republican Party said in a TV ad last week that Democratic governor candidate Mahlon Mitchell “received a massive raise on the backs of hard-working firefighters and turned the union into his own personal political slush fund.” PolitiFact Wisconsin checks the facts.

Supreme Court ruling affects cops and firefighters, but not other Wisconsin public workers


A Wednesday ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court hammers many public employee unions across the country but has a limited effect in Wisconsin, where Act 10 had already greatly diminished union powers. Only Wisconsin police officers and firefighters will be newly affected by this week’s ruling. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Democrat Mahlon Mitchell’s political career forged in fire of Act 10

Wisconsin Public Radio continues its series of spotlighting all 10 major Democratic candidates for governor with a profile on Mahlon Mitchell, whose political career began during the 2011 Act 10 protests. Now, the firefighter hopes to use union power to oust Gov. Scott Walker.

Union leaders rallying for Mitchell say this time is different

Embracing the label of “union boss,” state firefighters president and Democratic candidate for governor Mahlon Mitchell rallied organized labor supporters Monday, urging them to unite to elect him in August and then defeat Gov. Scott Walker. > AP News

Vinehout commits to governor race, gives up Senate re-election, while Mitchell gets endorsement

Wisconsin Democratic candidate for governor Mahlon Mitchell scored a major union endorsement Thursday, while state Sen. Kathleen Vinehout closed the door on the possibility she might quit the race to seek another state Senate term. > AP News

Randy Bryce says his campaign is the first-ever to unionize. Is he right?


Speaking to Don Lemon on CNN in March, Randy Bryce, one of two Democratic challengers for Paul Ryan’s seat, said: “Our campaign staff was the first to unionize in the history of politics. So, that’s something I’m very proud of.” PolitiFact Wisconsin fact-checks his claim.

Labor union asks Senate to vote now on Kimberly-Clark subsidies


United Steelworkers called on the state Senate this week to hold an immediate vote on the subsidy package designed to keep two Kimberly-Clark Corp. plants in operation in Fox Crossing and Neenah. > Appleton Post Crescent