Walker taking credit for state’s record-low unemployment and record-high number of people working. Is he right?


Gov. Scott Walker loves boasting about unemployment and the number of Wisconsinites working, such as this recent tweet: “Our bold reforms have unemployment down to an all-time LOW of 2.9 percent, and the number of people working at an all-time HIGH!” PolitiFact Wisconsin checks the stats and Walker’s claim that both are due to his reforms.

Fact check on the new unemployment number Walker is crowing about


Gov. Scott Walker could barely contain himself with the news Thursday that Wisconsin’s unemployment rate hit a new record low of 2.9 percent. Walker sent 17 tweets crowing about the news, but the upbeat posts shade Walker’s long and complicated history with Wisconsin’s job numbers. AP News takes a closer look at the data.

How Wisconsin can help its own unemployed workers get jobs at Foxconn


Gov. Walker’s ad campaigns in Chicago, Detroit and Minneapolis ignore 100,000 unemployed in Wisconsin who need the work. What if we connected them to Foxconn? > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Sen. Erpenbach: Economy a challenge for most of Wisconsin


Wisconsin’s economy is recovering in some factors, but in general the measures are split and the divide between the economies of booming counties and struggling counties continues to grow. What does that mean and how can we fix it? > Cap Times

A tale of two Wisconsins


Call it “the two Wisconsins,” as the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance presciently did two years before the Great Recession: While Dane County booms and the bigger cities in the Fox River Valley and western Wisconsin prosper, the rest of the state is largely mired in a downturn that is a recession in all but name. > Isthmus

Lawmakers put growing workforce crisis front and center at legislative hearing


Responding to a growing workforce shortage in Wisconsin, state lawmakers are calling for more legislative action to expedite worker training and attract more people to the state. On Friday the Assembly and Senate workforce committees held a joint informational hearing on the topic with testimony from a dozen invited speakers. > Wisconsin State Journal

State’s unemployment rate great, but other economic factors are cause for concern


A report from the nonpartisan think tank Center on Wisconsin Strategy (COWS) highlights that the health of the state’s economy can’t be encompassed in a single statistic. “(The) unemployment rate, so often touted by the Governor, is just one indicator; other data help draw a picture that is markedly less worthy of celebration,” it states. > Cap Times