State is shifting up to $90 million in local road funding to Foxconn-related projects


Wisconsin is shifting up to $90 million away from other highway projects to do work related to the massive Foxconn plant being built in Racine County, despite the state’s nonpartisan fiscal bureau documenting how much the state’s roadways are expected to deteriorate over the next decade. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

State Journal: ‘Yes, please, increase the gas tax for better Wisconsin roads’


Gov. Scott Walker recently said he’s open to raising Wisconsin’s gas tax for the first time in more than a decade. That’s good, because our transportation system definitely needs more investment. Wisconsin’s roads are the worst in the Midwest, according to a state audit, and nearly the worst in the nation. > Wisconsin State Journal

Walker challenger Mahlon Mitchell calls for a return to gas tax indexing


Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mahlon Mitchell is advocating for increasing the state’s gas tax, a question on which Gov. Scott Walker has been noncommittal. Mitchell said he thinks people are afraid to talk about taxes: “I’m just not. You have to create more revenue, and there’s only a couple ways to do that.” > Cap Times

Fitzgerald pushes for toll roads to gain federal help in addressing Wisconsin’s road woes


While others are calling for gas tax solutions, the state Senate’s top Republican, Sen. Scott Fitzgerald, says Wisconsin needs to add toll roads if it wants to qualify for a possible influx of federal transportation funds. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Walker says he’s spent more on transportation than Jim Doyle. Is it true?


In his State of the State address and many times elsewhere, Gov. Scott Walker has claimed the state has invested in transportation “$24 billion over eight years. That’s $3 billion more than what former Gov. Jim Doyle spent over the same period of time.” However, Politifact Wisconsin calculates it differently.

Walker now says he’d consider gas tax hike to access federal road money


Gov. Scott Walker is signaling a possible new willingness to raise the state’s gas tax in order to tap into a proposed federal infrastructure spending package. Walker made the remarks Thursday after President Trump called for a massive increase in road funding during his State of the Union address earlier this week. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Lawmakers hope to revive I-94 project, but Walker says drivers need a construction break


Milwaukee-area Republican lawmakers are scrambling to revive plans to rebuild I-94 between the Marquette and Zoo interchanges. Republican lawmakers didn’t allocate funding for the project when they adopted the state budget in the fall, leading federal authorities to threaten to pull their approval for it and Gov. Scott Walker to abandon the project. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel