Foxconn’s arrival could lead to self-driving cars having their own highway lane


Self-driving cars in Wisconsin might soon have their own lane on I-94, if Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn gets its way. Foxconn has requested the lane, which would be the first exclusive self-driving car lane in the U.S. > Popular Mechanics

Walker abandons I-94 east-west project in Milwaukee County for lack of funds


Gov. Walker’s administration is giving up on reconstructing I-94 in Milwaukee between the Marquette and Zoo interchanges in the near term. The about-face came two weeks after federal authorities warned the state it would pull its authorization if the state didn’t come up with a funding plan. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

A quick primer on what’s in the state budget


The Republican-controlled Legislature, acting two months late, has passed the state’s next budget. The $76 billion budget sets spending levels for all of state government through June 2019. The Cap Times lays out a quick primer on the most noteworthy items contained in the budget.

Wisconsin budget provision threatens sidewalks, bike paths and bikes lanes


Projects that include bikes paths, bike lanes and neighborhood sidewalks could be put in jeopardy by a budget provision slipped into the Wisconsin transportation budget last week. The provision would prohibit local jurisdictions and DOT from condemning property to “establish or extend” recreational trails, bicycle commuter paths, bike lanes or sidewalks. > Cap Times

GOP keeps borrowing for roads to get by


Credit the Legislature’s Republican-controlled budget committee for keeping two vital road projects on pace in south-central Wisconsin: the reconstruction of Highway 151 (Verona Road) south of Madison’s Beltline, and the expansion of Interstate 39-90 from Madison to Beloit. Unfortunately, GOP lawmakers agreed to borrow more than $400 million to help make that happen. > Wisconsin State Journal

Breaking: Budget committee says it’s poised to resolve road funding standoff


The budget committee said Tuesday they have a plan to resolve the most contentious area of the state’s overdue budget: how to fund Wisconsin’s roads and bridges. The plan trims Gov. Walker’s borrowing, imposes a new fee on electric and hybrid vehicles, moves toward tolls and averts delays to two large highway projects. > Wisconsin State Journal

Deteriorating state of Wisconsin bridges adds to transportation budget woes


While the majority of Wisconsin’s bridges are still in perfectly acceptable shape, the average condition of the state’s bridges have declined over the past decade, a trend highway officials and legislators attribute to stagnant funding that’s failing to keep up with aging infrastructure. > Wisconsin State Journal