Tommy Thompson urges bipartisan support to raise gas tax


Speaking Wednesday at the Milwaukee Press Club, former Gov. Tommy Thompson called on Democratic Gov.-elect Tony Evers to work with the Republican leaders of the Legislature to jointly push through a significant “revenue enhancement” to pay for improved roads. “Let’s face it — gas taxes have not been raised for a long time,” he said. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Walker confronts ominous political outlook

Campaigning with Gov. Scott Walker recently, former Gov. Tommy Thompson compared Walker to a recipe for a really good chocolate chip cookie. But are Wisconsinites willing to go with the recipe yet another time? > AP News

Walker campaigns with Tommy Thompson


The campaign trail brought current Gov. Scott Walker and former Gov. Tommy Thompson together Monday in both Green Bay and Milwaukee. The two touted their records on tax cuts, school funding and economic growth. They also criticized Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tony Evers‘ recently released 10 percent tax cut for middle class families. > WPR / Urban Milwaukee

Tommy Thompson on ‘UPFRONT’: Hopes civility returns after election

Former Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson said the upcoming election will be “the toughest race that Scott Walker has ever run,” but he thinks Walker ultimately will pull out a victory. > ABC 12 Milwaukee

Tommy Thompson says he regrets his part in state’s prison building boom


Former Gov. Tommy Thompson, the author of a new memoir, has done many things in public life he’s very proud of. But among his regrets, he said Wednesday, is getting caught up decades ago in the “hysteria” of locking people up. He wishes he hadn’t built so many prisons. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The man from Elroy


Tommy Thompson, now 76, served two decades in the Legislature before becoming Wisconsin’s longest-tenured governor, from 1987 to 2001. In his new autobiography, co-written with Doug Moe, Thompson opens the curtain on what makes him tick. > Isthmus