Tommy Thompson condemns pre-primary entry of Club for Growth in U.S. Senate race

Former Gov. Tommy Thompson hasn’t yet endorsed anyone in the Republican race for U.S. Senate, but he just entered the contest in a very big way. Thompson condemned the national Club for Growth ad push, which includes $2 million in new TV buys aimed mostly at state Sen. Leah Vukmir. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Tommy Thompson trusts Trump on Harley-Davidson


Former Gov. Tommy Thompson says he trusts President Donald Trump’s strategy on trade, despite his attacks on Harley-Davidson. An avid Harley rider, Thompson said he thinks Trump has a game plan when it comes to the Wisconsin company. > AP News

Thompson says Walker might have tough re-election bid


Speaking in Wausau Wednesday night, former Governor Tommy Thompson says he was not surprised to see Rebecca Dallet win the Wisconsin Supreme Court race on Tuesday, and that he believes Gov. Scott Walker will have a tough road to re-election this fall, like all Republicans will. > WXPR Rhinelander

Tommy Thompson, Donna Shalala slam partisan politics, President’s rhetoric

Former Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson and former UW-Madison Chancellor Donna Shalala, a Democrat, both say Wisconsin Republicans are in for trouble come November. During a talk show prior to a joint appearance in Wausau, the two also criticized President Donald Trump’s rhetoric, with Thompson going as far as calling Trump “a bully.” > Wisconsin Public Radio

Walker teams up with Tommy Thompson to promote welfare overhaul

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Former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson joined Gov. Scott Walker on a tour of Wisconsin to promote a package of welfare overhaul bills that may come up for a legislative committee vote next week. The tour came as word emerged about the estimated cost of the legislation. > Wisconsin Public Radio

‘I should not be afraid of this election, but I am:’ Tommy Thompson warns Wisconsin GOP


Former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson had tough words for his own party this week. Addressing Republican activists gathered to commemorate the anniversary of President Trump’s inauguration, Thompson said, “I don’t see this is going to be a very good Republican year.” > Washington Examiner

New coalition looks to grow conservative support for renewable energy


A new conservative group aims to build more support for renewable energy projects among Wisconsin Republicans. Former Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson is among those joining the Wisconsin Conservative Energy Forum, which launched Wednesday. > Wisconsin Public Radio