Tommy Thompson on ‘UPFRONT’: Hopes civility returns after election

Former Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson said the upcoming election will be “the toughest race that Scott Walker has ever run,” but he thinks Walker ultimately will pull out a victory. > ABC 12 Milwaukee

Tommy Thompson says he regrets his part in state’s prison building boom


Former Gov. Tommy Thompson, the author of a new memoir, has done many things in public life he’s very proud of. But among his regrets, he said Wednesday, is getting caught up decades ago in the “hysteria” of locking people up. He wishes he hadn’t built so many prisons. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The man from Elroy


Tommy Thompson, now 76, served two decades in the Legislature before becoming Wisconsin’s longest-tenured governor, from 1987 to 2001. In his new autobiography, co-written with Doug Moe, Thompson opens the curtain on what makes him tick. > Isthmus

Tommy Thompson condemns pre-primary entry of Club for Growth in U.S. Senate race

Former Gov. Tommy Thompson hasn’t yet endorsed anyone in the Republican race for U.S. Senate, but he just entered the contest in a very big way. Thompson condemned the national Club for Growth ad push, which includes $2 million in new TV buys aimed mostly at state Sen. Leah Vukmir. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Tommy Thompson trusts Trump on Harley-Davidson


Former Gov. Tommy Thompson says he trusts President Donald Trump’s strategy on trade, despite his attacks on Harley-Davidson. An avid Harley rider, Thompson said he thinks Trump has a game plan when it comes to the Wisconsin company. > AP News