Report: $2 billion needed to maintain current services

A new report says it will take more than $2 billion just to maintain current state services, with a modest increase in spending and a more sizeable boost for schools. The analysis illustrates the dilemma facing incoming Democratic Gov. Tony Evers and the Republican-controlled Legislature. Evers will have to introduce a balanced budget early next year for the Legislature to consider.  > AP News

Race for governor ends with focus on taxes, health care

The tossup contest for governor is ending with Gov. Scott Walker and Democratic opponent Tony Evers making last-minute pitches on the issues that largely drove the race from the beginning – health care, taxes and the economy – with both sides wrapping up their campaign where their base of support is strongest. > AP News

Evers vows to govern as pragmatist, while Walker urges voters to stay course

On the eve of the election, Democratic governor nominee Tony Evers vowed to govern as a pragmatist, while his opponent, two-term Republican Gov. Scott Walker, urged voters not to change course on his leadership. Evers also defended his late shift on taxes, suggesting he doesn’t view his plan to curtail a tax break for manufacturers and farmers as a tax increase. > Wisconsin State Journal

Walker takes more aggressive tone in ad accusing Evers of wanting ‘special treatment for illegals’

Gov. Scott Walker is attacking his Democratic challenger Tony Evers in a new ad launched Tuesday. The ad concludes with the tagline “Tony Evers: Special treatment for illegals, higher taxes for you.”  > Cap Times

Walker, Evers tussle over taxes

Gov. Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Tony Evers sparred Wednesday over taxes, with Evers promoting a middle class income tax cut while Walker warned that Evers would increase taxes on drivers. It was familiar ground for Walker, while for Evers, it marked a shift in strategy less than three weeks before Election Day. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Evers proposes tax cuts; Walker calls it publicity stunt


Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tony Evers is proposing a tax cut for Wisconsin’s middle class that Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign is calling a last-minute publicity stunt. Evers’ plan would shift $340 million from the wealthy and corporations to pay for the middle-class tax relief. > AP News

Evers says he’ll prioritize tax cut for Wisconsin’s neediest families

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tony Evers says he wants to help more than 860,000 of Wisconsin’s neediest families with a tax break. But how he would fund those cuts is a fluid process. > Wisconsin Public Radio