Slice it any of 3 ways and the answer remains: Wisconsin’s wealthy get the most tax relief


Since 2011, Wisconsin lawmakers have prioritized cutting taxes. According to the Wisconsin Budget Project, no matter which of three methods are used for quantifying who gets the tax cuts, the result is that the highest earners received the largest tax cut and the lowest earners received the smallest. >

Ryan says ‘death tax’ hurts Wisconsin small businesses, but IRS data shows otherwise

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Advocacy for small business owners is politically shrewd. But whether Republican claims about estate taxes fit the facts is less clear. Democrats counter that it actually penalizes the ultra-rich far more than farmers or small business owners. A recent op-ed by Ryan on the topic provided a petri dish in which ProPublica could test the claims.

GOP wants to cut property tax on businesses, but price tag is hefty


Republican leaders are considering whether to eliminate a 170-year-old tax that generates — mostly from businesses — a quarter billion dollars a year for municipalities and schools. Business and conservative groups have lobbied against the tax for years, but the steep $261 million annual price tag could make it difficult to pass during a contentious budget year. > Wisconsin State Journal

Fact check: Do richest 1 percent pay lowest tax rate in Wisconsin?

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PolitiFact Wisconsin applies their Truth-O-Meter to gubernatorial candidate Mike McCabe’s claim that “When you look at all the state and local taxes we pay in Wisconsin, the wealthiest 1 percent pay the lowest overall tax rate.” > PolitiFact Wisconsin

In flat tax proposal, top 4% get almost half of benefit, while poor get a tax increase


Republicans in the Wisconsin Assembly have proposed a package of tax cuts that would give extremely large tax breaks to earners with the highest incomes, while shutting out residents with low incomes. The tax package would gradually flatten the state’s income tax rate over ten years to a flat rate of 3.95%.  >  Urban Milwaukee

Business lobby opposes GOP bills to close the “dark store loophole”

A pair of GOP bills moving through the legislature that would prevent big-box stores from shifting the tax burden to homeowners and small businesses is meeting resistance from Wisconsin’s largest business lobby.  >  Wisconsin Public Radio

Wisconsin’s U.S. GOP lawmakers mostly mum on Trump’s tax plan

Aside from Paul Ryan, Wisconsin’s Republican members of Congress  were tight-lipped Wednesday after President Trump released his vague outline of a sweeping plan to overhaul the tax code, in part by slashing corporate tax rates.  >  Wisconsin State Journal