Tax reform claims by Gwen Moore, Paul Ryan get Politifact analysis

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Not surprisingly, claims made by House Speaker Paul Ryan about the benefits tax reform will bring to middle-class Americans paint a rosy picture, while Rep. Gwen Moore’s angle is in pointed contrast. Two Politifact Wisconsin articles measure the truthfulness of both statements.

Wisconsin Dems argue GOP put tax reform ahead of children’s health coverage


Wisconsin’s congressional Democrats are blasting Republicans for putting tax reform ahead of the Children’s Health Insurance Program. CHIP provides low-cost health coverage for kids nationwide, historically receiving bipartisan support. U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin said, “There is no reason we can’t work together to reauthorize the program and get it back on track.” > Wisconsin Public Radio

Paul Ryan on FOX News: Public confused about tax bill due to media ‘distortions’

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Speaking on FOX News Insider Wednesday, Paul Ryan dismissed low public approval for the reconciled tax plan, saying that President Reagan’s bill had an 18 percent approval rating until the benefits were realized after passage. Ryan also called out the media and pundits’ “distortions” of the tax plan. Watch it here.

Sen. Erpenbach: Tax bill a double whammy for most of us


If you are lucky enough to make an income three times the Wisconsin median, the tax plan being decided in D.C. will likely benefit you. But if you’re like the rest of us, who spend all or most of the income we receive on the costs of living, it will be harder to find a benefit. > Cap Times

In federal tax debate, advocates fear harm to universities, including UW-Madison


The Republican tax overhaul that passed the U.S. House last month includes provisions that could drain the wallets of students and student debt-holders. Meanwhile, the Senate version omits the provisions that affect students and debt-holders but retains ones that could inflict financial harm on colleges and universities. > Wisconsin State Journal

Socialist and progressive activist groups protest tax reform bill in Madison


The International Socialist Organization along with Indivisible Madison held a protest at the Library Mall on the UW-Madison campus Saturday against the GOP tax reform legislation. At the rally, organizers spoke out against the tax plan saying it will hurt middle and low income Americans while benefiting the rich and corporations. > NBC 15 Madison

Wisconsin could see $4.7B tax cut in 2019 but a $34M hike in 2027 under Senate bill


In 2019, Wisconsin taxpayers making up to $70,040 a year would see an average tax cut of $440, according to an analysis of the tax overhaul passed by the U.S. Senate last week. But the bill’s tax cuts for individuals are set to expire by 2025, turning the legislation into a tax hit for state taxpayers by 2027. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel