Pocan: Tax bill ‘the biggest lie’


Healthcare and tax reform issues were front and center during a town hall meeting with U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan at the Merrill Community Center Monday. Calling the tax bill “the biggest lie I’ve heard since I’ve been in Congress,” Pocan said it mostly hurts the middle class. > Beloit Daily News

Ryan: Claim that GOP tax overhaul favors wealthy is ‘class warfare rhetoric’


House Speaker Paul Ryan pressed for a Republican tax overhaul in Madison on Monday, arguing it would jolt the national economy and aid wealthy and middle-class taxpayers alike. Faced with the critique that the plan is tilted to favor the wealthy, Ryan brushed it aside as “class warfare rhetoric”. > Wisconsin State Journal

Baldwin, Vukmir, Nicholson take positions on Trump tax overhaul plan


With President Trump and Republicans in Congress pushing for an overhaul of taxes, the candidates in next year’s U.S. Senate race are staking their positions on a critical issue that affects businesses and individuals across the state. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Pocan on the Ryan-McConnell tax plan: ‘This could be the Trump family tax plan’


U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan: “It’s a myth that this is not going to benefit the wealthiest in this country — in reality this could be the Trump family tax plan. The wealthiest, and all those who belong to Mar-a-Lago, and all those in the cabinet, are going to do quite well under this plan.” > Wisconsin Gazette

Koch-backed group targets Baldwin and other red-state Dems on tax reform


The fiscally conservative advocacy group Americans for Prosperity is putting millions of dollars behind an ad-buy pressuring red-state Democrats up for reelection in 2018 to support the GOP’s tax reform proposals. Sens. Tammy Baldwin, Claire McCaskill (Mo.) and Joe Donnelly (Ind.) are the targets in their crosshairs. > The Hill

Pence promotes Trump’s tax overhaul plan in Wisconsin


Visiting Wendall Manufacturing in Waukesha Thursday, Vice President Pence promoted the new Trump administration tax overhaul plan, saying: “The bottom line is tax cuts create jobs, tax cuts create growth. It’s worked here in Wisconsin, and it’s going to work across the United States of America.” > Wisconsin Public Radio

Johnson: Put healthcare reform on back burner and focus on other legislative issues


Speaking to CNN’s Jake Tapper, Sen. Ron Johnson said it’s probably time for legislators to focus on the economy while negotiating healthcare in the background: “I think we ought to turn our attention to the debt ceiling and funding the government and tax cuts until we can really get all the parties together.” > Washington Examiner