Legislators also used lame-duck session to pass tax cut for Wisconsin’s wealthy

What has received less attention in Wisconsin’s lame-duck session is that GOP lawmakers also hurriedly passed a tax cut that would further tilt the state’s tax system in favor of the rich, contributing to the increasing concentration of income and wealth in a few hands – and hands that are most likely to be white. > Milwaukee Independent

GOP measuring Paul Ryan for cement shoes

Whatever you think about about Paul Ryan, we can all agree that he’s been a good soldier for Republican priorities ever since Donald Trump took office. But some of his colleagues are trying to push him out before his intended retirement. This is the thanks he gets for masterminding their precious tax cuts? > Vanity Fair

Walker to rally GOP by telling them what they’ll lose with a Democratic win


Gov. Scott Walker plans to rally the state’s Republican faithful at the GOP convention Saturday by telling them what will be “gone” with a Democratic win in November. He also plans to lay the foundation for a third-term agenda, with promises of more tax cuts and a major reduction in opioid addiction. > Wisconsin State Journal

Despite potential roadblocks, Darling confident school safety, Lincoln Hills bills will pass

The state Senate has a lot on its to-do list before the session ends, including Gov. Walker’s school safety package, a solution for Lincoln Hills and a $100 child tax credit. Though there’s disagreement between the Senate and Assembly, Sen. Alberta Darling professed no doubts it will all get done. > Cap Times

As Walker campaigns, new poll finds shifting political landscape


Voters are concerned about the $3 billion taxpayer subsidy for Foxconn that Walker championed, are more interested in spending on education than on tax cuts that have been a Walker hallmark, and unhappy with Republican President Donald Trump, according to a Marquette Law School Poll released Monday. > Wisconsin State Journal

Senate advances child tax credit, but without sales tax holiday


A Senate committee held a public hearing on the one-time, $100 child tax credit, but didn’t discuss a tax holiday that was included in the Assembly’s version of the bill. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Walker tax cut, Lincoln Hills closure in jeopardy


Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald threw cold water on two Gov. Walker priorities Friday, saying he was cut out of negotiations between the governor and Assembly on a tax cut deal and juvenile justice overhaul. Fitzgerald said both proposals will have serious problems getting through the Senate as they’re written. > AP News