Retired WI judge: Big donations should require recusal


Retired circuit court judge and former chairman of the nonpartisan and now-disbanded Government Accountability Board, Gerald Nichol writes: “There is an overwhelming need for the adoption of a recusal rule as proposed in the petition, and every citizen of the state who stands for equal justice and honest government should come on board.” > Wisconsin State Journal

Second candidate announces run against WI Supreme Court Justice Gableman


Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Rebecca Dallet has entered the race for Wisconsin Supreme Court, becoming the second candidate to announce plans to seek the seat held by conservative Justice Michael Gableman. Dallet joins Madison attorney Tim Burns as the two announced candidates for the April election. Gableman has not said whether he’ll seek re-election. > Wisconsin State Journal

Is it geography or gerrymandering that gives Wisconsin GOP the edge? U.S. Supreme Court may decide.

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This in-depth treatment of Wisconsin gerrymandering explains with data and charts how the current Republican advantage is durable. Republicans gain the majority of seats so long as they have at least 45 percent to 46 percent of the vote, while Democrats need more than 54 percent of the vote to gain a majority of seats. > Urban Milwaukee

SCOTUS delivers another win for voting rights in North Carolina case


The Supreme Court ruled Monday that racial considerations pervaded the way North Carolina lawmakers drew congressional maps after the 2010 Census in order to maximize Republicans’ advantage. It’s a significant win against racial gerrymandering, and Wisconsin’s upcoming case will be a test for how SCOTUS handles partisan gerrymandering.  > USA Today

Good news file: Budget panel scraps Walker’s call to change oversight of state judicial watchdog

Lawmakers on the Legislature’s powerful budget-writing committee rejected Gov. Walker’s call to move the Wisconsin Judicial Commission under control of the Wisconsin Supreme Court and eliminate the state Judicial Council, stripping both proposals from the budget on Monday.  >  Wisconsin State Journal

Madison attorney Tim Burns announces run for Supreme Court seat in 2018

Tim Burns, a partner at Perkins Coie law firm, announced Monday that he plans to run in 2018 for the Wisconsin Supreme Court seat currently held by conservative Justice Michael Gableman  >  Wisconsin State Journal

Everyone else to blame for Wisconsin Supreme Court’s tarnished image

Blaming “tough talk” by critics, Wisconsin’s Chief Justice Pat Roggensack faults the press, advocacy groups, former judges, lawmakers and some of her colleagues for diminishing the court’s reputation with the public.  >  Wisconsin State Journal