National DNC chair to UW-Madison students: ‘We win Wisconsin if we start working now’


UW-Madison students packed into a small room in Memorial Union Friday to hear Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez’s take on how to win the state back. Among various factors, he said none are more important than millennial involvement. “We can do this, folks,” Perez said, “but only if you’re engaged.” > Daily Cardinal

Protest outside, but no interruptions for guns-on-campus advocate at UW-Madison event


A conservative commentator speaking at UW-Madison Tuesday advocated for allowing firearms on campuses on the coattails of a new policy that disciplines students for disrupting others’ free expression. Katie Pavlich, a columnist, Fox News contributor and author, spoke to a nearly full lecture hall, and went uninterrupted. Students protested outside, however – with props. > Wisconsin State Journal

Cap Times: UW regents’ assault on free speech is indefensible


The regents have voted for new UW policies that threaten to suspend and expel students who dare to protest against the hatred expressed by Nazis, fascists and defenders of the Confederacy, creating special rights for proponents of bigotry while restricting the rights of students who object to bigotry. > Cap Times 

Legislators’ free speech talk is a bad joke


From columnist Bill Berry: “Some state lawmakers would like to expel students who disrupt presentations by controversial speakers. Oddly, though, some of the same lawmakers who bill themselves as guardians of free speech for campus speakers don’t think citizens have the same rights.” > Cap Times

Despite Baldwin’s bipartisan efforts, Perkins Loan extension blocked


The hopes of a bipartisan group of lawmakers to extend the Perkins Loan program before it expires Sept. 30 were frustrated Thursday.
Members of Congress in the House and Senate had introduced identical legislation to extend the program, but one Republican committee chair blocked the measure, while the other ignored it. > Inside Higher Ed

New poll finds strong support for helping Wisconsin student loan borrowers


A new poll commissioned by One Wisconsin Institute finds broad support for reforms to help student loan borrowers, including nearly two-thirds of respondents who favor allowing student loan borrowers to refinance their loans, just like you can with a mortgage. The survey of Wisconsin voters was conducted by Public Policy Polling last week. > Wisconsin Gazette

State Journal: Firearms 101 a bad idea for schools


Most Wisconsin high schools don’t teach students how to drive cars anymore because of limited time and money. Yet some Republican lawmakers think today’s schools have the resources and need to start teaching teenagers how to handle and shoot guns. The Wisconsin State Journal says: “Seriously?”