In federal tax debate, advocates fear harm to universities, including UW-Madison


The Republican tax overhaul that passed the U.S. House last month includes provisions that could drain the wallets of students and student debt-holders. Meanwhile, the Senate version omits the provisions that affect students and debt-holders but retains ones that could inflict financial harm on colleges and universities. > Wisconsin State Journal

Wisconsin students among thousands at D.C. rally to protect Dreamers


About two thousand young immigrants and their supporters converged on the nation’s capital Wednesday to rally Congress for legislation that would protect their ability to work and study in the U.S. without fear of deportation, including a group of Racine high schoolers. > NBC News

Arrests, anger, anxiety as grad students protest outside Paul Ryan’s office


As the competing Republican tax plans from the House and Senate head toward a final piece of legislation, graduate students are worried. A group of 40 or so activists and graduate students took their concerns about taxing tuition waivers to Capitol Hill Tuesday in a protest outside the office of Paul Ryan. > Inside Higher Ed

Gutting Wisconsin teachers unions hurt students, study finds


In the 2011 battle in Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker ultimately came out the victor. The controversial law passed, Walker won the recall, and the Democratic-aligned unions have lost much of their power. But new research points to other losers in the fight: students in the state’s already struggling schools. > Chalkbeat

Students protest UW-Superior decision to suspend 25 programs


Since UW-Superior administrators announced the suspension of 25 academic programs Oct. 31, students have attended meetings, launched a petition and voiced frustration over their lack of input in the decision. > Superior Telegram

One year after the election, UW campus feels a greater divide


One year after President Trump was elected into office, UW students have continued their mission to create a unified campus, even amid growing tensions between partisans. But some report noticing conversations being held and viewpoints being discussed that weren’t present before the election. > Badger Herald

The battle over free speech on campus


With one of the latest salvos in the national battle to claim “freedom of speech” for the right coming from Scott Walker and his allies, the series Interviews for Resistance talks to Thomas Gunderson, an undergraduate at the UW-Madison who is organizing against the policy with the group OUR Wisconsin Revolution. > Bill Moyers & Company