State Journal: Firearms 101 a bad idea for schools


Most Wisconsin high schools don’t teach students how to drive cars anymore because of limited time and money. Yet some Republican lawmakers think today’s schools have the resources and need to start teaching teenagers how to handle and shoot guns. The Wisconsin State Journal says: “Seriously?”

Public schools could offer firearm safety course under Republican bill


Teenagers could learn in school how to safely handle firearms under a bill introduced last week by Rep. Ken Skowronski (R-Franklin) and Sen. Terry Moulton (R-Chippewa Falls). They say the bill is in response to a growing interest in trap shooting among Wisconsin students, and would cover multiple types of firearms, including handguns. > Wisconsin State Journal

Medicaid caps in health care bills could push more special needs costs onto schools


More than 118,000 students with special needs in Wisconsin schools receive services during the school day funded in part by Medicaid. But since both the House and Senate health care bills put caps on Medicaid funding to states, that could leave school districts on the hook. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Senate unlikely to take up campus speech bill before fall


A Republican bill toughening penalties for disruptive campus protests that passed the state Assembly last week likely won’t come up in the Senate until this fall. It’s not yet clear whether Senate Republicans will embrace the legislation as eagerly as their Assembly counterparts. > Wisconsin State Journal

Personal finance likely to be required at Wisconsin schools


With bipartisan support, the state Assembly last week passed a bill that would require public schools to incorporate financial literacy into their kindergarten-through-12th grade curriculum. Supporters say it appears likely the bill will become law. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Debriefing the La Crosse public hearing on Wisconsin’s Every Student Succeeds Act


Wisconsin’s Department of Public Instruction has held five of six public hearings on its proposed plans for implementing the federal “Every Student Succeeds Act”, with a final hearing scheduled in Madison next Tuesday, June 27. This article summarizes the hearing that took place last week in the La Crosse area. > La Crosse Tribune