The Guardian takes a close look at Racine through its Midterms 2018 lens


There are two Racines: a richer, whiter county and a poorer, more diverse city. The Guardian takes a deep dive on which will weigh heavier at the ballot box in the crucial midterm elections for House, Senate and governor.

Wisconsin debate triple-header scheduled opposite the Brewers Friday night


Friday night will be the biggest debate night of the year in Wisconsin. There’s just one problem: the debate triple-header involving clashes for governor, U.S. Senate and the 1st Congressional District begins at 7 p.m., while Game 6 of the NLCS between the Milwaukee Brewers and Los Angeles Dodgers begins at 7:39 p.m. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Bernie Sanders coming to Kenosha to campaign for Randy Bryce

Vermont senator and 2016 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is planning another local visit to support the campaign of Democrat Randy Bryce for U.S. Congress. Sanders is scheduled to to stump for Bryce at a campaign rally Monday in Kenosha. > Racine Journal Times

Bernie Sanders to headline two Wisconsin rallies

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is coming to Wisconsin to headline a pair of rallies featuring Democratic candidates Tammy Baldwin, Tony Evers, and Randy Bryce. Sanders is scheduled for the rallies Monday in Milwaukee and Kenosha. > AP News /

Joe Biden endorses Randy Bryce

Former Vice President Joe Biden is endorsing Democrat Randy Bryce in the race to replace Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan, Bryce’s campaign announced Tuesday. Bryce faces Republican Bryan Steil. Steil is an attorney who once worked for Ryan and has his backing to replace him. > AP News

Randy Bryce’s ex-wife joins him in slamming attack ad calling him a ‘deadbeat’

Democratic congressional candidate Randy Bryce and his ex-wife are pushing back against attack ads calling him a “deadbeat.” Faye Boudreaux, Bryce’s ex-wife, wrote in a letter provided to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “In the 12 years that Randy and I have been blessed with our son, we have always worked together to put him first.”

Randy Bryce knows the wolves are after him now

When ironworker Randy Bryce entered his campaign, he thought he had to beat Paul Ryan. Instead he now has to beat Paul Ryan’s ideas, and Paul Ryan’s cramped and jargon-choked notions of what self-government really means, and he’s got the full force of the conservative movement working against him. > Esquire