Special elections could build red or blue momentum


Republicans hold a firm stake in both of Wisconsin’s legislative chambers, and the special election winners will likely vote on nothing. But outside groups have been pouring money into the races, which are largely symbolic as a demonstration of party power ahead of the midterms. > Christian Science Monitor

Top 5 things to know about Tuesday’s special elections


Wisconsin will hold two closely watched special elections Tuesday, the latest test of whether a “blue wave” could be coming this fall. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel runs through the top things you need to know about the races.

Walker: Don’t read too much into June 12 special election results, no matter who wins

No matter who wins two special legislative elections on June 12, Gov. Scott Walker is cautioning against reading too much into the results. Walker hasn’t endorsed a candidate in either race and told reporters Wednesday he’ll “look at the race between now and the 12th.” > Cap Times

Special election candidate André Jacque an enemy to women’s health care

U.S. Rep. André Jacque has been the most strident anti-choice activist in the Assembly, having pushed legislation that would have seriously jeopardized health-care access for Wisconsin women — including outlawing common forms of birth control. He is running against Democrat Caleb Frostman in Tuesday’s special election for the 42nd State Senate District. > Urban Milwaukee

Tuesday’s special elections could offer clues about possible ‘blue wave’


Tuesday’s state Senate showdown won’t determine who holds the seat for long, but it could provide clues about how contests will play out this fall. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Women’s group calls for apology after Plumer’s disorderly conduct resurfaces

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 6.02.10 PM

A state women’s group is asking for an apology from Republican Jon Plumer, a candidate  in the June 12th special election for the 42nd Assembly District. Wisconsin’s National Organization for Women (NOW) is “appalled” after hearing about Plumer’s disorderly conduct dispute with his family back in 1997. > ABC 27 Madison

Jacque vs. Frostman: 1st Senate District special election deluged with outside money

Outside money is pouring into the special election for Wisconsin’s 1st Senate District, a race that could have broader implications in Madison and beyond. A handful of interest groups are collectively dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars to sway voters in the June 12 race between Democrat Caleb Frostman and Republican André Jacque. > Green Bay Press Gazette