Candidates from Dane County are historically competitive in statewide races


The notion that Madison Mayor Paul Soglin could be an excellent contender for governor may surprise Wisconsinites who believe the punditry that says a candidate from Madison or Dane County isn’t supposed to have any chance in a top-tier statewide contest. The only problem with this “analysis” is that it is unequivocally false. > Cap Times

Wisconsin immigrant advocates push for pressure on Paul Ryan, ‘clean’ Dream Act


Wisconsin activists said Wednesday they won’t stand for compromise on DACA, insisting Wisconsinites put pressure on Paul Ryan for “clean” legislation that allows Dreamers to stay without any border security add-ons. “We’re not willing to trade DACAs for their parents, DACAs for their siblings, DACAs for the wall,” said Madison Mayor Paul Soglin. > Cap Times

The early line on Dem guv candidates


With more than a dozen Democrats announced or considering a run for the party’s nomination for governor against Scott Walker, let’s unapologetically do some horse race speculation. Here’s Dave Cieslewicz’s take on the eight candidates who seem to have the best chance of getting the nomination next August. > Isthmus

Mayor Soglin blasts state budget provision that would hinder sidewalk, bike path expansions


Madison Mayor Paul Soglin is criticizing a provision in the state budget that could hinder the ability for municipalities to expand or construct sidewalks, bicycle lanes and bicycle trails. Soglin said the measure would put residents in danger by denying municipalities the power to create dedicated pedestrian and bicycle rights-of-way. > Wisconsin State Journal

State leader reactions to Assembly’s passage of Foxconn bill


The vote on the “Wisconn Valley Special Session” legislation was 59-30, with three Democrats — in whose district the plant would be built — joining 56 Republicans to support the measure. Two Republicans and 28 Democrats voted against the bill. Here’s what a half dozen progressive leaders in the state had to say. > Wisconsin Gazette

Mayor Soglin to Foxconn: Consider Oscar Mayer site in Madison

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Madison Mayor Paul Soglin said Thursday he is recommending Taiwanese electronics manufacturing giant Foxconn take over the shuttered Oscar Mayer site or either of two undeveloped sites on the city’s edges for what is believed to be a possible medical-related facility. > Wisconsin State Journal

Soglin launches program offering up to $1,000 bounty for guns used or hoarded illegally


Madison Mayor Paul Soglin announced the program Tuesday, saying, “Our city cannot control who carries, buys, or sells a firearm”, adding the city is “not pleased” the GOP-led Legislature has loosened rules for gun ownership in Wisconsin. “But we can try and retrieve these firearms and have them lead us to the perpetrators.” > Wisconsin State Journal