Rematch involving accused sexual harasser Josh Zepnick tops legislative primaries

Immigration attorney Marisabel Cabrera had been eager for a rematch after she nearly beat state Rep. Josh Zepnick in the 2016 primary. After two women accused Zepnick of sexual misconduct in December and Zepnick refused party leaders’ demands to resign, she was further galvanized. > Wisconsin State Journal

Newly revealed misconduct complaints within DOJ include groping, spying, harrassing

According to newly released documents, at least seven Wisconsin Department of Justice employees have been accused of sexual misconduct since 2014, including a lawyer who was stripped of his leadership position but kept on staff after a coworker said he repeatedly harassed her. > Appleton Post Crescent

Wisconsin has paid more than $800K to settle sexual harassment cases


Wisconsin taxpayers have paid nearly $800,000 over the past decade to settle a dozen claims of sexual harassment and one more related case, newly released records show.  The documents released to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel detail claims made since 2006 against agencies including the UW System, the Department of Corrections and the state Senate. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Lawmaker on sexual misconduct allegations: ‘I’m not going to be treated like some punching bag’


A defiant state Rep. Josh Zepnick (D-Milwaukee) reversed course this week from a past claim that he did not recall alleged incidents in which he was accused of sexual misconduct, while also panning Democratic attempts to push him out of office, saying he’s readying for a possible re-election bid. > Wisconsin State Journal

Assembly approves mandatory sexual harassment training


The state Assembly voted unanimously this week to require lawmakers and their staff to complete sexual harassment training at the beginning of each legislative session. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Assembly to take up sexual harassment training resolution


All Assembly lawmakers, officers and staff will be required to participate in anti-harassment and ethics training every two years under a bipartisan resolution the Assembly plans to take up Tuesday. > Wisconsin State Journal

Johnson: Trump accusations have already been vetted


U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson said Thursday that he does not support investigating accusations against President Trump for sexual assault because the voters have already cast their ballots. “Trump’s problems were vetted during the campaign,” Johnson said on CNN. “The American people elected President Trump.” > Washington Times