Johnson: Trump accusations have already been vetted


U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson said Thursday that he does not support investigating accusations against President Trump for sexual assault because the voters have already cast their ballots. “Trump’s problems were vetted during the campaign,” Johnson said on CNN. “The American people elected President Trump.” > Washington Times

Ryan: U.S. House to stop using public funds for harassment settlements

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House Speaker Paul Ryan said on Wednesday that Congress was working on a package of reforms that would prohibit using taxpayer money for settlements in sexual harassment claims lodged against lawmakers’ offices. > Reuters

Shilling: Sexual harassment policies should protect victims without ‘shielding perpetrators’


While leaders in the Wisconsin Legislature grapple with how to protect victims of sexual harassment without shielding perpetrators from scrutiny, Senate Minority Leader Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse) says it is her goal to make sure victims feel comfortable and supported coming forward to report it. > Cap Times

Protesters call on Paul Ryan for more transparency

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A group of activists is calling on House Speaker Paul Ryan for more transparency. Traveling from Michigan and protesting at Ryan’s office in Kenosha Monday, they called for the speaker to identify lawmakers who have settled sexual harassment claims using taxpayer money, a figure estimated at $17 million over the past two decades. > ABC 27 Madison

In TV interview, Zepnick says he believes his accusers but shouldn’t lose his job


In an interview this week, Zepnick said he doesn’t recall the incidents of kissing two women without their consent, but said he believes both women’s stories. Both incidents occurred while he was actively drinking, but he said he is not placing the blame on his alcoholism. > Cap Times

Zepnick on sexual misconduct accusations: ‘It happened’


The Democratic state lawmaker accused of kissing two women against their wishes is admitting for the first time that he did what they alleged. Rep. Josh Zepnick (D-Milwaukee) said in a Wednesday interview that, “It happened and I regret it and it wasn’t intended to cause anybody any harm.” > Wisconsin Public Radio

Republicans slam Wachs for vote against bill that included sexual harassment language


The Republican Party of Wisconsin is criticizing Walker challenger Rep. Dana Wachs for his vote against 2015 legislation that included codifying sexual harassment as a fireable offense for state employees. The party argues Wachs passed up a “clear avenue” offered by the Legislature’s Republican majority to take employees accused of harassment off the state payroll. > Cap Times