Epic’s epic fail: How a major Dem donor betrayed liberal ideals on workers’ rights


The Supreme Court just dealt a major blow to the basic rights of workers, with not insignificant thanks to the same Epic Systems that is the economic engine of liberal Dane County and the brainchild/golden goose of major Democratic donor Judith Faulkner. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Walker says Supreme Court’s sports gambling decision unlikely to affect Wisconsin


Gov. Scott Walker says that between the constitution and the compacts that are in place already in Wisconsin, Monday’s U.S. Supreme Court decision to allow sports betting won’t impact the state. But some in the sports community hope that, after seeing the success of other states, Wisconsin will follow. > Channel 3000

Understand Wisconsin’s gerrymandering case with one excellent podcast


Earlier this year, FiveThirtyEight published a six-part podcast series called The Gerrymandering Project. You can listen to any of the six installments here, or go right to the episode laying out the entire history of Wisconsin’s case , which is before the U.S. Supreme Court now, with potentially enormous ramifications.

Why the solution to gerrymandering could be worse than the problem

Not everything that’s unfair or uncivil is unconstitutional. In their zeal to right this wrong, reformers overlook the possibly greater damage to constitutional values that could result from a nightmare scenario: unelected federal judges — meaning, ultimately, the Supreme Court — determining thousands of state and federal legislative district maps. > Washington Post

New districts in 2018 unlikely as SCOTUS continues weighing Wisconsin gerrymandering suit


The court may yet issue a decision that strikes down the district lines Republican state legislators drew almost seven years ago. But the issue, as far as this year’s elections are concerned, is that time is running out. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Where redistricting fights stand across the country


Here’s your guide to the state of redistricting in six key states. The U.S. Supreme Court is set to decide three major cases this term – including Wisconsin’s – that could determine how districts are drawn for the next decade. > Oregon Public Broadcasting