Evers calls for nearly $1.7 billion hike in state funding for K-12 schools

Wisconsin’s K-12 public schools would receive a nearly $1.7 billion increase in state funding over the current budget cycle under state Superintendent Tony Evers’ two-year budget proposal released Sunday. The proposal would shift funding from property tax credits to aid that goes directly to schools. > Chippewa Herald

Former school board president cuts pro-Evers ad


The former president of the school board that fired a teacher whose case has become embroiled in Wisconsin’s governor’s race has cut a television ad in support of Democrat Tony Evers. > AP News

Evers says Walker is misleading on achievement gap attack


Wisconsin’s achievement gap between white and non-white students is becoming an issue in the race for governor. Gov. Scott Walker on Monday tweeted that his opponent Tony Evers hasn’t done enough the past nine years as state superintendent to close the state gap, which is one of the worst in the country. > AP News

Walker, Evers blame each other over school budget cuts

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With voters saying Wisconsin’s schools are getting worse, Gov. Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Tony Evers are trying to blame one another for past budget cuts. Walker made historically deep cuts to schools in 2011. But he says Evers, the state schools superintendent, didn’t do enough to prevent cuts when Democrats were in charge. > FOX 6 Milwaukee

Walker campaign doubles down, attacks Evers on teacher license case

Gov. Scott Walker’s re-election campaign is doubling down on its attacks on Democrat Tony Evers for not revoking the license of a teacher who watched pornography at school, despite Evers contending he was barred by state law at the time from doing so. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Walker, Evers talk education, governor’s race on back-to-school day


Gov. Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Tony Evers welcomed students back to classes at two schools in southeastern Wisconsin on Tuesday, each continuing to tout education as a top priority in their bids for the governor’s seat. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Walker, Evers spar over school safety, resource officers

As education issues continue to take center stage in Wisconsin’s gubernatorial contest, Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign is accusing Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers of flip-flopping on his support for school resource officers. But Evers’ campaign says the Democratic candidate’s position has been consistent. > Cap Times