Walker’s latest budget departs from recent trends, with unusual spending imbalance


A report released by the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance showed Gov. Scott Walker’s most recent budget will have the largest spending imbalance in the past decade. While WTA’s research director says the imbalance won’t have long-term effects, others caution that it’d would be better to make hay while the sun shines. > Badger Herald

Study finds that after Act 10, Wisconsin teachers are paid less, have fewer years of experience


A new report from the Center for American Progress found that Wisconsin’s teachers are paid less, have fewer benefits, and are less experienced than before Act 10 was passed in 2011. > Cap Times

This is how badly Scott Walker has hurt Wisconsin’s public schools

Wisconsin Protests

In the six years since Gov. Walker signed the union-busting Act 10, the state’s labor movement has been decimated. Wisconsin was once a leader in organized labor, but a new study highlights the unintended consequences of Act 10, which has proven catastrophic for Wisconsin’s public schools. > Mother Jones

Gutting Wisconsin teachers unions hurt students, study finds


In the 2011 battle in Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker ultimately came out the victor. The controversial law passed, Walker won the recall, and the Democratic-aligned unions have lost much of their power. But new research points to other losers in the fight: students in the state’s already struggling schools. > Chalkbeat

Rural school leaders say K-12 budget doesn’t do enough for their districts, but Vos says they’re out of luck


Some district administrators say state education spending isn’t meeting the needs of rural districts. Gov. Walker has pushed for increased sparsity aid, which is meant to make up for the disadvantages many rural districts face. But Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said he won’t take up the issue when the Legislature resumes in January. > Wisconsin Public Radio

New poll shows Walker trailing generic Democratic opponent


Public Policy Polling’s new Wisconsin poll finds Gov. Walker currently trailing a generic Democratic opponent 48-43. Generic candidates often poll stronger than named nominees, but the race at the least looks to be competitive. PPP’s poll also tracks views of Trump, Wisconsin lawmakers, the Foxconn deal, school quality under walker, and other policies and programs.

Report shows Wisconsin has biggest racial disparity in child well-being


A new report released Tuesday from the Annie E. Casey Foundation repeats the refrain that Wisconsin is a harder place to live for African-Americans than whites, reporting that the state has the widest gap in well-being between white and African-American children, with other children of color facing significant disparities as well. > Cap Times