Schimel’s sloppy report on John Doe leaks won’t help his reputation


While Attorney General Brad Schimel’s recent report on the John Doe probe fails to prove who leaked material to the Guardian, it succeeds in making numerous political points in passing. If there were any doubt that the Wisconsin DOJ has become a Republican instrument, this report would settle the issue. > Urban Milwaukee

Schimel not sure if DOJ investigators viewed search warrant that allowed collection of Republican emails


Wisconsin Department of Justice investigators have no further leads to pursue in their efforts to determine the source of leaked John Doe documents gathered during the now-shuttered probe into Gov. Scott Walker and his allies, Attorney General Brad Schimel said Wednesday. > Cap Times

Ethics Commission faults Schimel for ‘omissions’ in report


The Wisconsin Ethics Commission on Tuesday faulted Attorney General Brad Schimel for “omissions and inaccuracies” in his investigation of leaked documents collected during the now-closed “John Doe” probe into Gov. Scott Walker. > ABC 12 Milwaukee

Partisan divide deepens over John Doe investigation


The deep partisan divide over a secret investigation into Gov. Scott Walker’s recall reignited this week after the release of a state Department of Justice investigative report that said those who seized personal emails from scores of Republicans and didn’t keep them secure should be held in contempt. > Eau Claire Leader-Telegram

Schimel touts his conservative credentials in re-election bid


Republican Attorney General Brad Schimel has spent the last year picking the controversial issues on which he will base his campaign for a second term. Though he isn’t in the media-frenzy orbits of President Trump, Wisconsin’s U.S. senators and GOP Gov. Walker, Schimel seems poised to run on his—and not Democrats’—terms. > Janesville Gazette

Wisconsin prosecutors face challenge with Lincoln Hills case


Prosecutors will have difficulty pursuing criminal charges in at least one incident uncovered in the wide-ranging investigation into the state’s troubled juvenile prison, Attorney General Brad Schimel said. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Schimel wants sanctions and contempt proceedings over John Doe leak


State Attorney General Brad Schimel has recommended contempt proceedings for a prosecutor and eight other officials over their handling of material from the secret John Doe probe of Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel