AG Schimel reveals opioid investigation that could lead to multi-state lawsuit


Attorney General Brad Schimel has taken the unusual step of revealing the state is investigating opioid manufacturers. Schimel announced that he and a group of attorneys general from other states have been looking into drug companies’ opioid marketing practices to see if any have engaged in illegal activity. > Wisconsin Public Radio

State seeks permission to continue ‘cocaine mom’ law against 25 pregnant women


Wisconsin’s attorney general has asked a federal appeals court for an emergency order allowing the state to continue action against 25 women under its so-called cocaine mom law, recently found unconstitutional, while the state asks the U.S. Supreme Court to get involved. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Records show AG Schimel opened office doors to NRA second full day on job


Records obtained by One Wisconsin Now show that on his second full day in office, Attorney General Brad Schimel met privately in his office with the lead lobbyist for the National Rifle Association. Schimel was endorsed by the NRA in his 2014 election. > One Wisconsin Now

Truth-o-meter: Does AG’s claim of no ‘backlog’ of untested rape kits check out?

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Wisconsin AG Schimel has repeatedly contested that untested rape kits comprise a “backlog,” arguing the term unfairly casts his agency in a negative light. “I disagree with the term backlog because the Wisconsin crime lab is up to date with all current, pending investigations,” Schimel said in April. Politifact Wisconsin fact-checks his claims. > Politifact Wisconsin

AG Schimel traveling the state to hear about overdose epidemic


As Wisconsin law enforcement and public health agencies struggle to handle the rising epidemic of opioid and amphetamine abuse across the state, Attorney General Brad Schimel met with Rock County agencies Monday to gather input. It’s his 24th such county meeting, with all 72 state counties eventually included.  >  Beloit Daily News

Of 6,000 backlogged sexual assault kits, 63 tested so far


Out of 6,000 rape evidence kits inventoried statewide, 3,800 have been designated for testing; the rest won’t be tested because the victim didn’t consent, the offender was found innocent or the offender has been convicted. Of the 3,800 queued up for testing, just 63 have been completed to date.  >  AP / US News & World Report

After AG Schimel stepped in, well permits moved forward


Even as home-owners and environmentalists watch with growing alarm as lake levels drop, AG Schimel issues an opinion that opens the floodgates for well permits and eliminates restrictions.  >   Wisconsin Public Radio