Time-traveling Samantha Bee warns Americans about the year U.S. democracy fell, and Wisconsin gets a mention

Samantha Bee warned Americans about the downfall of democracy by “traveling back in time” from 2068, skewering Republicans in Wisconsin, Florida, Michigan and Ohio for working to ensure the opposing party didn’t gain too much power. > Bustle

Vos, Fitzgerald, Walker all make today’s edition of The Onion

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The Onion has jumped on the Wisconsin Legislature’s maneuvers today with three stories: Wisconsin GOP Votes to Dissolve State Rather than Let Dems Have It; Wisconsin Legislature Weakens Incoming Dem Gov by Restricting His Access to Food, Water, Shelter; and Scott Walker Changes Locks on Wisconsin Governor’s Office (headline only, no story).

Ryan now adding “No leaks” to end of grace at family dinners (satire)


After the release of a private conversation between Ryan and other GOP leaders, he’s decided to add “no leaks” to the end of grace at family dinners: “Bless this food to our bodies, Lord, and let us hold you in our hearts. In Jesus name we pray. No leaks. Amen.” > Above Average (comedy)