‘Sanctuary cities’ bills quietly not voted on


Having never been brought to a vote this legislative session, proposed bills that would have fined municipalities for enacting ordinances to aid undocumented immigrants, often referred to as “sanctuary cities,” have quietly gone away. > Racine Journal Times

Hundreds protest outside Walker campaign announcement


Arriving by the busload outside Weldall Manufacturing in Waukesha, hundreds of people rallied to convince Gov. Walker to formally oppose 287(g), which enables local enforcement to serve as ICE officials, and bill AB190 against sanctuary cities, while also committing to calling for an increase to the state’s minimum wage. > TMJ4 Milwaukee

Anti-sanctuary cities bill clears state Senate committee


A Wisconsin Senate committee has passed a bill looking to end “sanctuary cities” that provide protections to immigrants living in the country illegally. The Senate labor committee voted 3-2 with all Republicans in support and Democrats against to pass the bill. It now heads to the full Senate. > Fox 47 Madison

Vos: Assembly won’t take lead on sanctuary cities


Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says the Senate must take lead on a bill cracking down on sanctuary cities. Vos told reporters Tuesday that the Assembly will only take up the proposal if it first passes the Senate. The Assembly passed it last session, only to see it die in the Senate. > Associated Press

‘Sanctuary cities’ public hearing debate centers on one question


Much of the debate at the Capitol Thursday over a Wisconsin bill that would effectively ban “sanctuary cities” centered on one question: Do sanctuary cities help or hinder public safety? > Cap Times

Opponents flood Wisconsin ‘sanctuary cities’ hearing


Hundreds of people flooded the Wisconsin Capitol Thursday to oppose legislation targeting “sanctuary cities,” as state Republicans align with President Trump’s attempts to crack down on local laws aimed at protecting immigrants who are illegally living in the U.S. > Associated Press

Hearing Thursday for Wisconsin bill targeting immigrants, sanctuary cities


A proposal targeting Wisconsin sanctuary cities that offer protections for immigrants living in the country illegally is up for a public hearing in the Legislature. Introduced by Republican Sen. Steve Nass, the proposal will receive a public hearing Thursday. > FOX 11 Green Bay