Paul Ryan can’t escape his legacy as an enabler of Trump’s worst impulses

As is typical when someone important or notable leaves a job, friends and colleagues gather around and sing their praises. No such luck for House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. > ThinkProgress

Poll: 1st District voters support Land and Water Conservation Fund


National Wildlife Federation officials are urging House Speaker Paul Ryan to reauthorize and fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund after a poll in the 1st District showed overwhelming support for it. Seventy-one percent of poll respondents said they want to renew the program, which expired in September after Congress failed to reauthorize it. > Janesville Gazette

Paul Ryan was always more political hack than policy genius

In a recent interview, Paul Ryan blithely proclaimed that “history is going to be very good to this majority”. Like so many of Ryan’s supposed grand ideas, the comment was little more than mere grandstanding. And it betrayed what led to his rise to power and his fall: a plain disconnection from the reality around him. > HuffPost

Will history forgive Paul Ryan?

Andrew O’Hehir writes that history has its eyes on Paul Ryan — and it won’t be kind. Setting aside even his “fiscal hypocrisy… his willful political blindness [and] his collaboration with a regime of corruption and destruction,” O’Hehir calls Ryan “a second-rate grifter who came up short and got pimped out by a much better one.” > Salon

Good riddance, Paul Ryan

When Paul Ryan leaves Congress at the end of his term in January, Republicans should finally stop pretending his political prescriptions are the future of the GOP. Instead, Paul Ryan’s tenure should be summed up in history books with three words: betrayal, failure, and disaster. > THE WEEK

No tears for Paul Ryan: On the short, unhappy tenure of the worst House speaker ever

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 12.37.23 PM

There’s considerable pathos and dramatic irony to the end of Paul Ryan’s political career. He’s a guy who believed he was out in front of history and positioned to shape it, but wound up being dragged behind the emperor’s chariot while the populace laughed at him and threw unpleasant objects. > Salon

Baldwin: WI GOP legislators are ‘disrespecting the voters’, and Paul Ryan should speak up

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U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin on Thursday excoriated Republican state lawmakers in Wisconsin for their last-minute power grab, and added later: “I hope that Speaker Ryan is still as invested as he ever was in the success of Wisconsin, so I think he absolutely should speak up about this.” > Talking Points Memo