What happened to all that ideological and moral conviction, Paul Ryan?


All of Paul Ryan’s ideological and moral conviction that were the foundation of his previous popularity and power seemed to fall apart when it hit the cinder block wall that was President Trump. “I’m very comfortable with the decisions I’ve made,” Ryan has said. Given what we’ve seen and been through as a nation, that’s beyond disturbing. > Washington Post

The self-delusion of Paul Ryan

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan speaks with reporters during his weekly news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington

This week, the @SpeakerRyan Twitter account has blasted a startlingly self-congratulatory sequence of images and videos, detailing his career over the past 20 years. The problem? His account of his tenure in office is at odds with observable reality. Like Donald Trump, Ryan’s sense of personal achievement seems strangely disconnected from real-world records. > The Atlantic

Paul Ryan urges civility in farewell speech

As the final days of Paul Ryan’s tenure unfold, the speaker is decrying how American politicians relate to one another — and how that obstructed some of his dearest political ambitions. During his farewell speech Wednesday, Ryan said his goals to tackle changes to Medicare and Medicaid, particularly, “have outpaced the political reality.” > Wisconsin Public Radio

Paul Ryan sends a chill down Scrooge’s spine

John Nichols writes that, as Yemeni children starve to death every day, House Speaker Paul Ryan shamefully used his power last week to block a House vote on ending U.S. support for the Saudi-led bombardment of Yemen. > Cap Times

Paul Ryan wants more immigrants, as long as they look like him

Paul Ryan is pushing new legislation that would increase the number of Irish immigrants coming to the U.S. It’s another example of Republican hypocrisy, given Ryan has done nothing to expand immigration for Latin American nations. It’s also self-serving: Ryan has expressed interest in becoming U.S. ambassador to Ireland. > Rolling Stone

What the hell is wrong with Paul Ryan?

At a point when the whole world is demanding urgent action to end the Saudi-led bombardment and starvation of Yemen, the Speaker of the House has been scheming to prevent congressional debate on a resolution to get the United States out of a humanitarian crisis. > The Nation

Paul Ryan leaves behind big budget deficits and ballooning debt


When Paul Ryan became speaker of the House in 2015, the federal budget deficit was $438 billion. Today, with Ryan preparing to retire from Congress, the annual federal budget deficit is again approaching $1 trillion. > Bloomberg