Tax reform claims by Gwen Moore, Paul Ryan get Politifact analysis

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Not surprisingly, claims made by House Speaker Paul Ryan about the benefits tax reform will bring to middle-class Americans paint a rosy picture, while Rep. Gwen Moore’s angle is in pointed contrast. Two Politifact Wisconsin articles measure the truthfulness of both statements.

Ryan dismisses retirement rumors, while challengers use them to raise money


House Speaker Paul Ryan’s aides are pushing back against a lengthy report suggesting he will leave Congress after the 2018 election. Said a Ryan spokeswoman, “This is pure speculation”. But that didn’t stop his Democratic challengers from trying to cash in on the reports.  > Cap Times

If Paul Ryan walks, the Wisconsin era ends


When Paul Ryan one day puts down the gavel and exits the speaker’s office, an era will end. At the beginning of the decade, the Washington Post reported Wisconsin “could shape the direction of the GOP.” But much has changed and when Ryan walks, Wisconsin will find its place back with the rest of the states. > Washington Examiner

When Will Paul Ryan Step Down? It’s a question lawmakers are asking.


As Republicans finish their long-sought rewrite of the tax code, some lawmakers are beginning to wonder just how much longer Rep. Paul Ryan intends to remain speaker. “There’s a whole lot of rumors and speculation that the speaker may step aside,” one GOP member told HuffPost this week. > HuffPost

Paul Ryan on FOX News: Public confused about tax bill due to media ‘distortions’

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Speaking on FOX News Insider Wednesday, Paul Ryan dismissed low public approval for the reconciled tax plan, saying that President Reagan’s bill had an 18 percent approval rating until the benefits were realized after passage. Ryan also called out the media and pundits’ “distortions” of the tax plan. Watch it here.

Ryan: U.S. House to stop using public funds for harassment settlements

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House Speaker Paul Ryan said on Wednesday that Congress was working on a package of reforms that would prohibit using taxpayer money for settlements in sexual harassment claims lodged against lawmakers’ offices. > Reuters

Protesters call on Paul Ryan for more transparency

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A group of activists is calling on House Speaker Paul Ryan for more transparency. Traveling from Michigan and protesting at Ryan’s office in Kenosha Monday, they called for the speaker to identify lawmakers who have settled sexual harassment claims using taxpayer money, a figure estimated at $17 million over the past two decades. > ABC 27 Madison