GOP measuring Paul Ryan for cement shoes

Whatever you think about about Paul Ryan, we can all agree that he’s been a good soldier for Republican priorities ever since Donald Trump took office. But some of his colleagues are trying to push him out before his intended retirement. This is the thanks he gets for masterminding their precious tax cuts? > Vanity Fair

Paul Ryan’s hold on Speaker’s job being tested by GOP infighting

Speaker Paul Ryan pledged to “run through the tape” and finish out his term when he announced last month that he would retire from Congress. But with Republicans in revolt on both his right and his left, Ryan is increasingly facing questions about whether he can manage to even stumble across the finish line. > NY Times

Ryan vents frustration over GOP infighting over immigration


A frustrated Speaker Paul Ryan chided House Republicans for election-season infighting over immigration that sank the party’s farm bill last week. “I think he said ‘gee whiz’ and ‘gosh’ and used the word ‘crap’ once,” Rep. Mark Amodei, R-Nev., said of Ryan’s remarks. “For Paul Ryan, ‘crap’ is pretty blue language.” > AP News

Why isn’t Reince Priebus running for Paul Ryan’s seat? He wants to make money


Former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus quickly shut down the idea of running for Paul Ryan’s seat, saying “the timing for me couldn’t be worse.” On “UpFront with Mike Gousha,” he said he only considered running for Ryan’s seat “for about 10 seconds,” because he also needs to make money for his family’s future. > Cap Times

A sorry end to Paul Ryan’s speakership


Paul Ryan’s last year in office is proving disastrous, a fitting end to the speakership of a man once considered a principled conservative reformer. His refusal to fulfill his constitutional role as House leader and rather play presidential poodle and GOP attack dog for his increasingly unhinged caucus has had dire consequences. > Washington Post

Republicans call the think tank pushing welfare work requirements experts. Economists call it ‘junk science.’


The Foundation for Government Accountability think tank has close ties to Paul Ryan and conservative governors in Kansas, Maine and Mississippi — and an outsize influence on the Republican debate over work requirements for food stamps. But much of its work has been panned by both liberal and conservative economists. > Washington Post