Cap Times: Tammy Baldwin is fighting for rural Wisconsin


Sen. Tammy Baldwin and other farm-state senators succeeded in reversing President Trump’s cuts in rural programs. They’re now advancing a bipartisan agriculture appropriations bill that renews the federal commitment to robust rural investment. > The Cap Times

Almost a fifth of Wisconsin’s rural roads are in poor condition


A new report suggests 19 percent of Wisconsin’s rural roads are in poor condition and 10 percent of the state’s rural bridges are deficient. National transportation research group TRIP studied federal road and bridge records for all 50 states and found Wisconsin ranks 16th from the bottom for rural road condition. > Wisconsin Public Radio

The great American fallout exposed by Kathy Cramer: How small towns came to resent cities


It’s no secret Donald Trump benefited from rural voters. But Democrat or Republican, they usually tell Katherine Cramer – who has spent a decade visiting residents of small-town Wisconsin – the same thing: it’s the cities that get all the breaks, and then have the gall to look down on them. The Guardian looks at Cramer’s findings.

Why Tammy Baldwin has declared war on almond milk


Plant-based beverages called milk are a major sore spot for dairy farmers in Wisconsin, where Trump swept up 70 percent of the rural vote. Baldwin has introduced a bill banning the nontraditional drinks from being labeled “milk” — one of several rural issues Baldwin and fellow Democratic senators have championed early and often this year. > Politico

Haven’t read Kathy Cramer’s book on rural Wisconsin voters? This 4-page version will get you started.

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It’s good advice for any Wisconsin Democrat or progressive to read Cramer’s national headline-making 2016 book, “The Politics of Resentment: Rural Consciousness in Wisconsin and the Rise of Scott Walker”. But as a teaser you can read this in-depth article about it from the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute.

Rural broadband expansion bill passes Assembly, heads to Senate

The state Assembly passed a bill this week that would devote $35 million to expand broadband in rural areas of the state. State Rep. Beth Meyers (D-Bayfield) said, “This funding is to be spent in unserved and underserved areas, and I’m really looking forward to seeing it come to northern Wisconsin.”  >  Wisconsin Public Radio