Wisconsin childhood trauma data explodes myth of ‘not in my small town’

A new body of data shows that trauma and economic decline are self-reinforcing, and frequently transfer from generation to generation, and neighborhood to neighborhood. The same downward dynamic can be found in rural areas and small towns as well as aging urban centers like Milwaukee. The second of two parts. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Cap Times: No state has been so ill-served by its governor as Wisconsin


Gov. Walker is talking about how important broadband investment is in rural Wisconsin  — while at the same time posing for photo opportunities as he delivers small grants. But, as usual with this governor, it is way too little (a fraction of what the feds were proposing) and way late. > Cap Times

Drawing lines between childhood trauma in urban Milwaukee and rural Wisconsin

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Wisconsin’s rural underclass shares a bond with some of the worst neighborhoods in Milwaukee – it’s just better hidden. It’s called historical trauma or the “ripple effect”, and transfers trauma from one generation to another. Part 1 of this Milwaukee Journal Sentinel special report dives in to the impacts.

Rural school leaders say K-12 budget doesn’t do enough for their districts, but Vos says they’re out of luck


Some district administrators say state education spending isn’t meeting the needs of rural districts. Gov. Walker has pushed for increased sparsity aid, which is meant to make up for the disadvantages many rural districts face. But Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said he won’t take up the issue when the Legislature resumes in January. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Rural Wisconsin voters swung for Trump and change, found frustration


Just over a year ago this rural battleground region swung hard for Donald Trump in a clamor for political change.But today that frustration with politics appears undiminished and is aimed in all directions — including Trump’s. > USA Today

A tale of two Wisconsins


Call it “the two Wisconsins,” as the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance presciently did two years before the Great Recession: While Dane County booms and the bigger cities in the Fox River Valley and western Wisconsin prosper, the rest of the state is largely mired in a downturn that is a recession in all but name. > Isthmus

How a small Wisconsin town is making some hedge funds very nervous


After a century-old paper mill in Brokaw closed a few years ago, the town of 250 residents effectively went bankrupt and will soon be dissolved. But it may live on through a federal bill named for it that would restrict the type of Wall Street activist hedge-funds that were blamed for the town’s demise. > CNBC