Baldwin aims to win back rural Trump country running as a progressive


Baldwin is not like most of her Democratic Senate colleagues who are up for re-election from states that went to Trump and are known as moderate or conservative Democrats.

The site FiveThirtyEight, which tracks how often members of Congress vote with Trump, rates Baldwin as near the bottom. > HuffPost

Lawmakers consider Walker’s reinsurance, rural development proposals


Lawmakers on the state budget committee heard testimony Monday on Gov. Scott Walker’s proposals aimed at supporting Wisconsin’s Affordable Care Act insurers and bolstering economic development in rural parts of the state. But critics question whether the proposal will actually lower premiums. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Looking ahead to 2018, ‘Politics of Resentment’ author Kathy Cramer speaks in Madison


It’s likely both political parties in Wisconsin will tap into rural resentment as the state heads into a gubernatorial and U.S. Senate election later this year, said UW-Madison researcher and author Kathy Cramer Tuesday. She spoke to a packed crowd at an event hosted by the Cap Times.

Wisconsin farmers weigh in on Trump’s progress on rural issues


President Trump talked about trade, tax cuts and expanding broadband access during a speech at the American Farm Bureau convention this week in Nashville. But Wisconsin farmers disagree on whether the administration has done enough to address rural needs. > Wisconsin Public Radio

State Dems question rural student loan reimbursement bill


A bill sponsored by state Rep. Ed Brooks (R-Reedsburg) that would reimburse student loans for out-of-staters who move to rural Wisconsin will create winners and losers among the state’s counties and could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, Democrats predicted Thursday. > AP News

Wisconsin childhood trauma data explodes myth of ‘not in my small town’

A new body of data shows that trauma and economic decline are self-reinforcing, and frequently transfer from generation to generation, and neighborhood to neighborhood. The same downward dynamic can be found in rural areas and small towns as well as aging urban centers like Milwaukee. The second of two parts. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel