WI in the NY Times: Are rural voters the ‘real’ voters? Wisconsin Republicans seem to think so

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald essentially recast Tony Evers not as the winner of a statewide mandate but as a creature of the capital city, put there by people in the cities. And Assembly Majority Speaker Robin Vos was more explicit: “If you took Madison and Milwaukee out of the election, we’d have a clear majority.” > NY Times

Can Democrats win in rural America?


Democrats have a roughly 30-point advantage in urban counties, but a 16-point disadvantage in rural ones. And given how Republicans have gerrymandered themselves a roughly five- to six-point handicap, whether Democrats can take back the House will depend in large part on whether they can win back some of those rural and suburban voters. > THE WEEK

Trump trip to rural Wisconsin highlights GOP’s turnout concern

Trump’s decision to visit rural Central Wisconsin highlights one of the concerns Republicans like Walker have in this year’s contests: The voters who showed up to deliver Wisconsin to the Republican presidential nominee for the first time since the Reagan era may not be so inclined to return to the polls in a midterm election. > The Hill

Walker proposes funding increase for town roads


Gov. Scott Walker is proposing to increase state funding for town roads, a pledge that comes amid re-election attacks from Democrats that he hasn’t done enough to fix Wisconsin’s roads. Walker announced his intentions Monday, but did not release details of the plan. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Polling shows Democrats face steep climb to reclaim rural voters

A new Monmouth College poll is casting warning signs for Democrats in Iowa and Wisconsin working to win back rural voters who backed Barack Obama in 2012 but flipped for Donald Trump in 2016. > Telegraph Herald

Walker challenger Vinehout shares her passionate views on health care, the environment

State Sen. Kathleen Vinehout spoke recently to Sauk County Democrats about her personal and professional journey that brought her to run for governor, and how it’s informed her stances on health care, rural areas, schools and the environment. > Baraboo News Republic