Evers low-key on GOP efforts to limit his power

Democratic Gov.-elect Tony Evers kept it low-key Wednesday when asked about Republican efforts to limit his power before he takes office, saying he needs to know more about the GOP plans before he takes a position. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Tommy Thompson urges bipartisan support to raise gas tax


Speaking Wednesday at the Milwaukee Press Club, former Gov. Tommy Thompson called on Democratic Gov.-elect Tony Evers to work with the Republican leaders of the Legislature to jointly push through a significant “revenue enhancement” to pay for improved roads. “Let’s face it — gas taxes have not been raised for a long time,” he said. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Walker’s plan for roads: Stop big interstate projects, spend more on local roads


Gov. Scott Walker wants to halt big Milwaukee-area road projects if he’s re-elected in November, and spend more on small road work and maintenance. > Daily Reporter

For some Wisconsin voters, road quality is a major concern


Wisconsin has about 12,000 miles of state highways, and about another 100,000 miles of local roads. As voters head to the polls this fall, the quality of this infrastructure is something they’re thinking about. In every corner of Wisconsin, we’ve heard people say the same thing about the roads: they need work. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Walker says state needs break from new interchanges in Milwaukee

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Gov. Scott Walker said Monday the state would put off the largest road projects in southeastern Wisconsin if he is re-elected next month, even as business leaders call for $1 billion of work on I-94 in the heart of Milwaukee. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Walker, Evers take different paths on road funding

There’s not much overlap between Gov. Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Tony Evers when it comes to their views of how to handle the state’s transportation challenges. > Wisconsin Public Radio

‘Scott-holes’ campaign counters Walker’s ads at the gas pump


A union-led advertising campaign lampooning Gov. Scott Walker over road funding is expanding amid a close governor’s race in which transportation has become a big topic of debate, with a series of video advertisements set to play on TV screens at gas pumps at nearly 100 gas stations throughout the state. > DailyReporter.com