Foxconn’s arrival could lead to self-driving cars having their own highway lane


Self-driving cars in Wisconsin might soon have their own lane on I-94, if Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn gets its way. Foxconn has requested the lane, which would be the first exclusive self-driving car lane in the U.S. > Popular Mechanics

Dye: Walker’s weakness leaves Republicans wrangling over budget


Tension between the executive and legislative branches of government is natural and by design, even when one party controls all levers of power. But the stagnating 2017 budget and the accompanying flurry of publicly traded insults, threats and rejections of major gubernatorial policy initiatives can be traced to the political weakness of Gov. Walker. > The Cap Times

Heavy truck fees emerge as tolling alternative for Wisconsin road funding


To break a budget stalemate, avoid toll roads and raise more than $250 million for highways over the next two years, a key Republican lawmaker has suggested Wisconsin could join four other states in placing a per-mile fee on the kinds of heavy trucks that do more damage to roads. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

State Journal: Get roads done with real money


Gov. Walker has been urging the Legislature to “get it done” on a roads funding agreement. While the governor is right that vital highway expansions should stay on schedule, lawmakers shouldn’t allow him to continue pushing highway costs into the future. They should insist on more revenue and less borrowing. > Wisconsin State Journal

Walker suggests linking road tolling to hitting up out-of-state drivers


Gov. Walker has indicated he could accept Wisconsin’s first-ever use of tolling if it brings in money from out-of-state drivers and uses that money to lower gas taxes for state residents. Walker’s suggestion provides a possible way to restart budget talks that have stalled in large part because of Republicans’ road funding squabbles. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Walker says he’s open to highway tolling


Gov. Walker has signaled he’s open to charging tolls on Wisconsin’s Interstates, but with a key condition: linking it to a reduction in the state’s 30.9-cent-per-gallon gas tax. He also said an impasse over the state’s next transportation budget risks costly delays to billion-dollar highway projects now under construction. > Wisconsin State Journal

Walker: Lawmakers are remiss to ‘walk away’ from self-insurance savings


“When some want to spend more on transportation, I don’t know why anyone would walk away from tens of millions of dollars of proven savings (from switching to self-insurance),” Walker told reporters Tuesday.  But budget committee opponents say Walker has failed to address concerns with the proposal, basing arguments on “unsupported evidence.” > The Cap Times