The case against Johnson’s right-to-try legislation, and what it’s really about


Some say the “compassion” espoused by Ron Johnson’s right-to-try legislation is a masquerade, or even a sham, because its real goal – expressed last week by Johnson himself – is to undermine the authority of the FDA. > LA Times

How Democrats got a version of Johnson’s ‘right to try’ bill they like even less

Conservative activists notched a victory yesterday as Congress sent to President Trump’s desk a “right to try” bill making it easier for critically ill patients to access experimental medicines. What’s ironic is that by refusing to support a narrower bill the House had passed, Democrats are sitting by and watching a broader version become law. > Washington Post

Johnson unsuccessfully attempts to pass ‘Right To Try’ via unanimous consent


U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson failed in a light-night bid for quick action on a House-passed bill that he says would increase the access of terminally ill patients to experimental drugs. Johnson took to the Senate floor after the chamber passed a massive spending package shortly after midnight on Thursday and asked for unanimous consent. > MedScape

House approves ‘right to try’ bill championed by Johnson

The House has approved a Republican bill backed by Sen. Ron Johnson that would make it easier for terminally ill people to use unproven treatments. The House version now goes back to the Senate. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

House sinks Johnson’s ‘right to try’ bill


In a major setback for Republicans, the House rejected “right-to-try” legislation Tuesday evening that would have allowed seriously ill patients to bypass the FDA to get access to experimental treatments. The Senate passed a similar measure last summer that was pushed by U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson. Washington Post

Trump’s backing Johnson’s ‘right to try’ law. Here’s what that means.


Simply put, “right to try” is proposed legislation that would give Americans with terminal illnesses more latitude to take experimental treatments that have yet to be approved by the FDA. But critics make strong arguments that it would ultimately be harmful to patients. The passion runs high on both sides. > Fortune

Trump backs Johnson’s ‘right-to-try’ legislation for terminally ill patients


President Donald Trump gave a boost in his State of the Union address to U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson’s “right-to-try” legislation that would give terminally ill patients access to experimental drugs. The Senate passed the measure in August and it is now before the House. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel