Republican lawmaker files bill to change three-tier liquor system


Rep. Gary Tauchen (R-Bonduel) has filed a bill that aims to change a series of state liquor laws called the three-tier system. The system regulates how liquor, beer and wine are manufactured, distributed and sold in Wisconsin, which could have significant impacts on wineries and brewpubs that currently sell what they make. > The Cap Times

Trump, GOP want regulators out of boardrooms, with Duffy among the vocal


Six years after the financial crisis, fall 2014 was a low point for Wall Street’s influence in the federal agencies tasked with overseeing it. Almost three years later, the opposite is true, with Republicans pushing to get regulators out of boardrooms. Among those speaking in favor of the deregulation is U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy. > Washington Examiner

Assembly to vote on giving lawmakers oversight for state agency rules


The Assembly is set to vote on a bill that would make it harder for state agencies to approve new rules, giving legislators the power to reject new administrative rules that would cost an industry or business more than $10 million over two years. Assembly approval would send the bill to Gov. Walker. > Beloit Daily News

FCC Chairman takes on net neutrality during Wisconsin visit


The battle over net neutrality stepped up this week in Wisconsin as the chairman of the FCC Ajit Pai met with broadband and broadcasting executives and Sen. Ron Johnson in Milwaukee. Pai and the FCC aim to ditch the controversial rules passed two years ago requiring internet providers to treat all traffic the same. > Wisconsin Public Radio

New GOP bill pushes ‘no license’ requirement for all Wisconsin bakeries


The Wisconsin Senate is trying to eliminate licensing for home bakers who sell less than $7,500 a year. But a new Assembly bill seeks to eliminate licensing for all bakeries in the state. It’s part of the Republican aim to reduce or eliminate licensing for barbers, cosmetologists and other service-industry professionals. > Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

Judge hears challenge to Wisconsin’s homemade bakery ban

Wisconsin is one of only two states that prohibit the sale of home-baked items but a case in front of Lafayette County Judge Duane Jorgensen might change that. The ruling is expected May 31.  >  Beloit Daily News

Two dozen layers of federal regs are impeding scientists, says UW Chancellor

Speaking to the U.S. Senate committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Wednesday, UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank said regulations have been added year by year until there are now as many as 23 layers of administrative responsibilities tied to federal research grants.  > The Cap Times