Oconomowoc schools ban discussion of ‘white privilege’


After a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day observance at Oconomowoc High School drew the ire of parents and school board members, the district has put a ban on classroom discussion about “white privilege.” Within the following month, the board forced the principal to resign and has turned up the pressure on the superintendent. > Patch

Kenosha sheriff tired of being ‘politically correct’, calls shoplifters ‘garbage people’

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After five black suspects were arrested in a retail theft that lead to a chase and crash, Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth called the perpetrators “people not worth saving”, and suggested “building warehouses to house these people for the rest of their lives”, additionally suggesting it would “stop them from going out and getting 10 other women pregnant.”

Fox News defends Trump’s ‘shithole’ comment as just the way normal people — like those in Wisconsin bars — talk

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“The Five” co-host Jesse Watters shrugged off Trump’s slur with: “If you’re at a bar, and you’re from Wisconsin, and you’re thinking, ‘They’re bringing in a bunch of Haiti people’ … This is how some people talk.” > HuffPost

Wisconsin U.S. legislators react to Trump’s ‘shithole’ remark

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U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson said President Trump should apologize for his comment, Speaker Paul Ryan called the remark “unhelpful”, U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy said he couldn’t defend the President’s words (watch him on YouTube), and Wisconsin Dems Baldwin, Pocan, Moore and Kind publicly condemned the comment.

Walker should relegate white supremacist voices, not elevate them


For Republicans wishing to be leaders, it’s their responsibility to try preventing the most extreme and sometimes dangerous voices in their party from gaining prominence. Unfortunately, Gov. Walker’s decision to speak at an upcoming event in Florida elevates voices that ought to be relegated to the extreme fringe. > Wisconsin Gazette

What are the hate groups known in Wisconsin?


The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks “hate” groups nationwide, has identified nine such groups operating in Wisconsin. It defines these groups as having “beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics.” Here is the 2017 list. > Cap Times

Across Wisconsin, recent rises in hate, bias incidents spark concern


Experts say the hate and bias-related incidents in Wisconsin this year are part of a nationwide trend, with many white supremacists sharing the belief that increasing diversity in the U.S is a threat to their race. But the roots of their fear stretch years before the election of Donald Trump. > Wisconsin Public Radio