Lessons in white privilege, from Oaxaca to Oconomowoc


It might take some imagination for students in the 90 percent white Oconomowoc school district to put themselves in the shoes of a black or brown kid who is constantly treated with suspicion and distrust. But in Mexico, “whiteys” regularly experience the evidence of white specialness and privilege everywhere they turn. > The Progressive

Black, Hispanic lawmakers call Wisconsin worst place in nation to raise a black child


Black and Hispanic legislators called for more opportunities for minorities Monday during the first annual “State of Black and Brown Wisconsin” address that highlighted the struggles facing minority children in the state. The newly formed Black and Latino caucus put on the address in the state Capitol. > FOX 6 Milwaukee

Lawmakers clash over how to honor Black History Month


One state rep is pushing back against a proposal from three Milwaukee lawmakers to designate February as Black History Month in Wisconsin and to honor contributions from 14 prominent black state residents. Allen says that the resolution shouldn’t be limited to the proposed list of honorees. > Wisconsin State Journal

Paul Ryan’s MLK Jr. tribute gets roasted on Twitter


On Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, Speaker Paul Ryan opted to tweet what many interpreted as a faux candid self-portrait of Ryan standing before a bust of MLK in what could best be described as a “thinking” pose. Though he included words he undoubtedly thought uplifting, the Twitterverse unsurprisingly supplied captions of their own. > Bustle

Nine sitting members of Congress voted against MLK Day in 1983. One is from Wisconsin.


In the 1980s, debate raged in Congress, with then-President Ronald Reagan and many Republicans arguing that to federally honor Dr. King on the calendar would open the door to many other groups seeking similar holidays. The “dean” of Wisconsin’s U.S. congressional delegation is one of nine current House and Senate members who voted no. > Hill Press

State GOP bill would eliminate a dozen protected Equal Opportunity classes


A Republican-backed bill that aims to standardize employment laws across Wisconsin would prohibit local municipalities from establishing and enforcing their own employment discrimination laws. > Cap Times

Wisconsin again posts nation’s widest black-white HS graduation gap


For the third year in a row, Wisconsin has posted the largest gap in the nation between graduation rates for white and black high school students, with the rate for white students ranking third in the nation at the same time the black graduation rate ranks second lowest in the country. > Wisconsin Public Radio