Yes, Wisconsin’s white blue-collar workers deserve help. But so do black workers.


Since Donald Trump’s election, big media has made big efforts to send reporters to the hinterlands — like Wisconsin — to better understand the white working-class voters who proved pivotal in last year’s shocking outcome. But what about working-class African-Americans? They are also the victims of globalization and avaricious capitalism. > Cap Times

Black legislators decry appointments to prison task force


Four black Democratic legislators wrote a letter to Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) in response to appointing only white men to a task force that will study the efficacy of Wisconsin prisons. Vos also appointed no Democrats. > The Daily Cardinal

Four African-American lawmakers request representation on Wisconsin prison task force


Four African-American lawmakers are requesting “proper representation” on a new state task force that will study the needs of Wisconsin’s prison system. The task force is to include appointees from Gov. Walker, the Senate Majority Leader, and the Assembly Speaker, and so far five of the six appointees are white men. > Cap Times

Among the worst cities for black Americans, Wisconsin has more than its share

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Despite the achievements of the Civil Rights Movement more than five decades ago, there exist substantial inequalities along racial lines in America. And the news is bad in the dairy state: Among the five worst cities identified in a recent indexing study, two are in Wisconsin. > USA Today

Black voter turnout in Wisconsin declined by nearly one-fifth in 2016


Turnout among black voters in Wisconsin dropped about 19 percent in the 2016 election from 2012, more than four times the national decline, according to a new study by the Center for American Progress. > Wisconsin State Journal

Gwen Moore: Burdens of gerrymandering borne by communities of color


In an NBC News article on the Supreme Court’s upcoming decision on Wisconsin gerrymandering, U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore writes that Americans deserve a government that mirrors more than the Mayflower, with a democracy that works for everyone, regardless of political affiliation or racial distinctions.

Report shows Wisconsin has biggest racial disparity in child well-being


A new report released Tuesday from the Annie E. Casey Foundation repeats the refrain that Wisconsin is a harder place to live for African-Americans than whites, reporting that the state has the widest gap in well-being between white and African-American children, with other children of color facing significant disparities as well. > Cap Times