Mandela Barnes to become first black lieutenant governor

Democrat Tony Evers’ running mate Mandela Barnes will become the first African American lieutenant governor in Wisconsin history, and only the second black Wisconsinite to win statewide office. > NBC 4 Milwaukee

Report: Record number of adults in Wisconsin prisons


Wisconsin’s prisons held a record number of adults in 2017 and the population will only continue to grow over the next two years, costing the state tens of millions of dollars, according to a report released last week. Data show that the state prison population rose 2.3 percent last year, and is projected to grow an additional 5.7 percent by 2021. > AP News

Walker has jailed African-Americans at nation’s highest rate, spent more on prisons than university system

Scott Walker’s 25 years of charting a corrections policy course in the state of Wisconsin implicate him in the catastrophe the adult and juvenile incarcerations across Wisconsin have become. With prison reform in the news and Walker’s own campaign attempting to demagogue on the issue, a fuller examination of his record is warranted. > Wisconsin Gazette

Why Mandela Barnes’ run for lieutenant governor matters

Even though Wisconsin’s office of lieutenant governor traditionally has very few prescribed duties, Democratic gubernatorial nominee Tony Evers’ running mate, Mandela Barnes—an African American community activist and former legislator from Milwaukee—throws a major twist into that conventional wisdom. > Shepherd Express

Study: Voter ID linked to lower turnout in Wisconsin, other states

Over the past 15 years, voting has become increasingly difficult for certain groups of residents. A recent PRRI/The Atlantic 2018 Voter Engagement Survey found that 5 percent of Wisconsinites surveyed said they or someone in their household was told they lacked the proper documentation to vote. > Channel 3000

Eric Holder, Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes discuss criminal justice reform

Wisconsin State Rep. David Crowley organized a panel in Milwaukee last week with former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, gubernatorial candidate Tony Evers, and lieutenant governor candidate Mandela Barnes to speak about the need for criminal justice reform, particularly as it relates to race. > Milwaukee Courier

Evers says Walker is misleading on achievement gap attack


Wisconsin’s achievement gap between white and non-white students is becoming an issue in the race for governor. Gov. Scott Walker on Monday tweeted that his opponent Tony Evers hasn’t done enough the past nine years as state superintendent to close the state gap, which is one of the worst in the country. > AP News