Ryan: Trump’s ‘heart’s in the right place’ on race

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During an interview on CBS’s “Face The Nation” Sunday, Paul Ryan was asked how he would rate Trump’s ability to bring the country together after saying a year ago that he hoped Trump would be inclusive. “He’s learning. I know his heart’s in the right place,” Ryan said. > The Hill

Northwestern players to take field with arms locked at Camp Randall Saturday


Northwestern’s coach spoke forcefully Tuesday about Trump’s comments on football player conduct during national anthems: “I’m really disappointed with the leadership being demonstrated. We need leaders to bring us together, not tear us apart. Greatness isn’t about ego and fear and divisiveness. Greatness is about love and sacrifice and having respect for each other.” > Chicago Tribune

Why is Milwaukee so bad for black people?


Milwaukee is a vibrant city known for its breweries and ethnic festivals and can be a great place to live — unless you’re black. Statistically, it is one of the worst places in the country for African-Americans to reside. Here’s a breakdown of how — and why — being black in Brew City carries a heavy burden. > NPR

Journalist reads Sheriff Clarke’s book ‘so you don’t have to’


President Trump tweeted supported last week for his buddy’s book, titled Cop Under Fire: Moving Beyond Hashtags of Race, Crime & Politics for a Better America. (Think the title’s incoherent argle bargle? Wait until you get to the text). From the sheriff’s theories on jails to Trayvon Martin’s supposed death wish, it’s high-octane garbage. > Daily Beast

New report ranks Wisconsin #1 in U.S. for racial inequality

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A new report lists Wisconsin as the worst state in America for racial inequality. The special new report titled “Black and White Inequality in All 50 States” considered 10 separate social and economic measures that tend to be unequal along racial lines. > Madison365

Trump claims Foxconn in Wisconsin will improve race relations


Deals like Foxconn will improve race relations, President Trump said in his now notorious press conference at Trump Tower Tuesday. “We have companies coming back into our country. We have two car companies that just announced. We have Foxconn in Wisconsin. I think that’s going to have a huge, positive impact on race relations.” > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

NRA lobbyist to Wisconsin legislative committee: Guns were equalizer for ‘the blacks’


An NRA lobbyist told the Wisconsin legislative committee Wednesday that the cost of training can prevent minorities from obtaining concealed carry licenses, and added that guns were one of the great equalizers for “the blacks” after emancipation. Milwaukee Sen. Lena Taylor told Meyer calling African Americans “the blacks” doesn’t help cultural diversity. > Madison365.com