Eight rankings where Wisconsin’s notable ranking is not a good thing


For worst repaired roads, small farm bankruptcies, opioid-related ER admissions, and five other categories, Wisconsin is negatively distinguishing itself among states. > Urban Milwaukee

State Supreme Court moves to raise pay for some lawyers representing poor defendants


After years of mounting evidence that Wisconsin’s lawyers are turning down requests to represent poor defendants because of the state’s lowest-in-the-nation $40 hourly pay, the Supreme Court has decided to raise the rate, in some cases, to $100. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Lawyers, judges ask Wisconsin Supreme Court to raise defense lawyer pay from lowest-in-nation level

Attorneys and judges throughout the state told the Wisconsin Supreme Court this week that the state’s funding for public defenders and other court-appointed lawyers was so low it had created a constitutional crisis. The state pays private attorneys $40 per hour to take public defender cases, which is the lowest in the nation. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Wisconsin struggling to find enough attorneys due to lowest pay in nation


Wisconsin’s low compensation rate for private attorneys has contributed to the shortage of lawyers willing to represent people who can’t afford a private attorney, according to state officials.  The state Public Defender’s Office pays attorneys $40 an hour to represent poorer clients, the lowest compensation rate in the U.S. for such cases. > AP News

Budget committee approves raises for prosecutors, public defenders, judges


The Legislature’s budget committee approved raises for prosecutors, public defenders and judges Wednesday, though not at levels requested by those groups. Wisconsin State Journal