Oshkosh group rallies for tougher gun control laws


On Tuesday, a group rallied outside Sen. Ron Johnson’s Oshkosh office, calling on him to push for new gun laws, holding signs with sayings, such as, “Thoughts and prayers are not enough.” But Johnson said it’s too soon. > WLUK Green Bay

Johnson: Players should stand for anthem

Sen. Ron Johnson

Sen. Ron Johnson says the dispute over football players kneeling during the anthem is divisive and he wishes people would go back to a time when they showed respect for their country. He added, however, that President Trump should concentrate on serious problems. > Associated Press

Grothman calls NFL protests ‘ridiculous’


U.S. Rep. Glenn Grothman agrees with President Trump on NFL protests during playing of the National Anthem, saying players, coaches and staff have the right to link arms, take a knee or sit. “That’s their right, but it’s also the right of other people to say ‘these people are ridiculous,’” Grothman said. > Wisconsin Radio Network

Ryan opposes protests during anthem


U.S. House Republican Speaker Paul Ryan told journalists on Tuesday that athletes who protest during the national anthem have the right to do so, but that he believes such demonstrations should not take place during “The Star-Spangled Banner.” > Reuters

Duffy: ‘I love American football, but I love America more’


U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wausau) said Monday: “To think that we have men who take to the field and take a knee when we play the national anthem I think is disappointing. Frankly, I think it’s disgusting.” > Washington Examiner

Wisconsin lawmakers react to NFL and Green Bay Packer protests


Lawmakers from across Wisconsin are as divided as the rest of the country — and just as vocal — on the decision by NFL players to kneel, sit or lock arms Sunday during national anthems to protest comments by President Trump. Here are state lawmakers’ comments on social media as spotted by USA TODAY-Wisconsin reporters.

Septuagenarian traveling U.S. with anti-Trump sign makes Wisconsin stops


A 74-year-old convivial Texan who grew up in Oklahoma is traveling the country these days with a big sign that reads: “Trump: That boy don’t act right.” That self-proclaimed “old man with a sign” was in Madison this week, and Janesville before that. > Cap Times