Walker shouted down over GOP attempt to weaken his successor

Demonstrators booed Gov. Scott Walker on Tuesday during a Christmas tree-lighting ceremony, at times drowning out a high school choir with their own songs in protest of a Republican effort to gut the powers of his Democratic successor. The governor appeared unfazed as he flipped the switch while a protester shouted “Hey Walker! Go home!” > AP News

Wisconsin in the NYTimes: Are Wisconsin Republicans about to make a huge mistake?


No one in the Wisconsin GOP is really bothering to hide the purpose of this lame duck legislation: to continue their hold on state government at the expense of core democratic principles like the separation of powers and respect for majority rule. After all, Wisconsin voters rejected Republicans for every statewide office in November. > NY Times

Democratic leaders, protesters fire up crowd for fight with GOP

Protesters have been at the Capitol since early Monday afternoon, when a public hearing was held on the GOP’s lame-duck proposals. At the urging of speakers including state legislators, organizers, and activists, many in the crowd packed the fourth floor of the Capitol to register their opposition while the hearing continued into the night. > Cap Times

Wisconsin in Wash Post: Defeated in November, Wisconsin and Michigan GOP seek payback by limiting the powers of incoming Dems

After being defeated at the ballot box last month, Republicans in Wisconsin and Michigan are seeking to deny Democrats full control of state government, prompting a public outcry against the attempted power grab by national figures who include potential 2020 candidates Tom Steyer and Sen. Bernie Sanders. > Washington Post

Protesters descend on Wisconsin Capitol to demonstrate against Republican lame-duck agenda

Capitol police officers forcibly shut the door of the hearing room Monday after protesters chanted “Respect our votes” into the packed chamber, where legislators debated rolling back the authority of Gov.-elect Tony Evers and Attorney General-elect Josh Kaul, as well as moving the date of the 2020 spring presidential primary and scaling back early voting opportunities. > Cap Times

‘Kava-nope:’ Group rallies in Milwaukee as vote on SCOTUS nomination looms

A small group gathered outside Milwaukee’s Federal Building & U.S. Courthouse  Thursday morning ahead of the crucial vote for U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Carrying signs that said “Kava Nope” and “End Rape Culture,” among others, the protestors delivered a letter to Sen. Ron Johnson, imploring him to discontinue his support of Kavanaugh. > ABC 12 Milwaukee

How Randy Bryce’s arrest at an immigration protest got twisted in a new Republican ad

The “Iron Stache” congressional candidate’s own brother stars in a spot painting him as an anti-cop criminal. Mother Jones digs in on what the two arrests highlighted in the ad were actually about.