‘Kava-nope:’ Group rallies in Milwaukee as vote on SCOTUS nomination looms

A small group gathered outside Milwaukee’s Federal Building & U.S. Courthouse  Thursday morning ahead of the crucial vote for U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Carrying signs that said “Kava Nope” and “End Rape Culture,” among others, the protestors delivered a letter to Sen. Ron Johnson, imploring him to discontinue his support of Kavanaugh. > ABC 12 Milwaukee

How Randy Bryce’s arrest at an immigration protest got twisted in a new Republican ad

The “Iron Stache” congressional candidate’s own brother stars in a spot painting him as an anti-cop criminal. Mother Jones digs in on what the two arrests highlighted in the ad were actually about.

Mandela Barnes calls out Rebecca Kleefisch for ‘crazy’ claims about him kneeling during anthem

Mandela Barnes, the Democratic candidate for Wisconsin lieutenant governor, said Monday that it was “crazy” for his Republican opponent, Rebecca Kleefisch, to claim, with no evidence, that he knelt during the national anthem at the opening of the Wisconsin State Fair this summer. > AP News

GOP Senate candidate Vukmir refreshes claim about 2011 Capitol ‘riots’

As she runs against Tammy Baldwin, GOP challenger Leah Vukmir is pitching herself as “a strong leader with a track record who’s not going to buckle” and cited the 2011 battle over Act 10 declaring: “I have been through the gauntlet, when we had riots in that Capitol.” PolitiFact Wisconsin puts her characterization to the fact-check test.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin protests Vukmir in Wausau

The Democratic party of Wisconsin continued their “Leah Vukimir Isn’t for us Tour” Friday. Stopping in Wausau, healthcare professionals from Central Wisconsin voiced their concerns about the plans the Republican candidate for Senate has for limiting healthcare coverage for Wisconsin families. > ABC 9 Wausau

Protest over Brett Kavanaugh nomination held in downtown Milwaukee

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Representatives from several groups protested outside Senator Ron Johnson’s Milwaukee office on Tuesday afternoon, voicing their opposition to Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. Johnson hasn’t said yet how he will vote on the nominee. > CBS 58 Milwaukee

Groups plan ad buys, Wisconsin rallies to stop Trump’s extremist Supreme Court nominee

The Alliance for Justice Action Campaign announced it has launched its first five-figure digital ad campaign urging the defeat of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Meanwhile, a host of organizations that advocate for women’s reproductive rights have scheduled three major rallies in Wisconsin on July 31. > Wisconsin Gazette