Without fix, Foxconn deal could mean higher taxes for local homeowners

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During the Foxconn development’s early years, there’d be temptation by the home county to raise taxes on existing homeowners to ensure services keep up with the rapid growth spawned by the development. But if they wait, they could lose their ability to do so later on because of state property tax caps. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Budget committee votes to end forestry mill tax


The state budget committee voted Thursday to sunset the forestry mill tax portion of Wisconsin property taxes. Under the plan, the forestry account would instead receive funding from the state’s general fund. But critics argue that puts the forestry fund in competition with other areas funded by general purpose revenue, like schools and health care. > Cap Times

Tax benefit for disabled Wisconsin veterans sees hefty increase


A tax credit that gives disabled veterans a break on their property taxes has climbed more than 28-fold over a decade and could go even higher if proposed legislation is approved. Advocates say it’s a worthwhile investment that helps veterans remain in their homes when property taxes go up. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Koch-backed group among those pushing to remove forestry tax from property tax bills


Americans for Prosperity, created and funded by the Koch brothers, is pushing hard for a property tax cut in the proposed state budget. The group warned Republican legislators on the committee: “Our activists will be watching closely to see who has the courage to give Wisconsin taxpayers the relief they deserve and demand.” > Wiscsonsin Democracy Campaign

Scheduled votes for the budget committee today


The budget committee will vote today on Walker’s plans to cut property taxes by moving the forestry tax; raise state park fees according to parks’ popularity; eliminate the Parole Commission; give judges a 2 percent raise in each of the next two years; increase pay for DAs and public defenders; and shutter the DNR magazine. > Beloit Daily News

Foresters push back on Walker’s property tax cut plans


Gov. Walker’s budget aggressively pushes to eliminate the state’s portion of property taxes, and one way it does so is by cutting the forestry mill tax – which cost the average homeowner $26 in 2016 – and fund its programs from the general fund instead. But his proposal is meeting resistance from forestry groups across the state. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Has a full state budget veto ever been done in Wisconsin? The answer is no.


Gov. Walker is threatening to take the unprecedented step of vetoing the entire Wisconsin state budget if it raises property taxes on homeowners. Making the threat once Thursday and again Monday via a series of tweets, Walker says Republicans who ran on a promise of lowering taxes ‘need to keep that pledge’. > Wisconsin Public Radio