Evers forms advisory panels to study prison system, science and agriculture

Gov.-elect Tony Evers has formed two advisory panels: one to guide him in changing Wisconsin’s corrections system and another to advise him on agriculture, energy and natural resources in a vow to “bring science back to decision-making”. > Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin State Journal

After juvenile justice overhaul, lawmakers look at changes to adult corrections system


Some lawmakers instrumental in passing an overhaul of the state’s juvenile corrections system think that under the new administration, the time is ripe for round two: curbing the rising adult prison population. > Wisconsin State Journal

Evers endorses Walker’s plan to expand job training in state prisons


Gov. Scott Walker in the past few weeks of his unsuccessful re-election campaign announced he would further expand prison job training prisons. Gov.-elect Tony Evers says he supports the plan, and suggested he would go even further in the future. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

New youth prison could be built in Fox Valley

A state study panel is recommending an Outagamie County site as one of two top choices for a new juvenile prison to replace the troubled Lincoln Hills facility. The Juvenile Corrections Study Committee ranked two sets of sites: some in southeastern Wisconsin, and then those across the rest of the state. > FOX 11 Green Bay

Evers faces tough sell on prison changes with GOP lawmakers

Gov.-elect Tony Evers has some big ideas about how to change Wisconsin’s overcrowded prison system, and aims to draw a stark contrast with Gov. Scott Walker, beginning with a pledge to visit the Lincoln Hills youth prison during his first week in office. The question is whether Republican legislators will let him make reforms. > AP News

Report: Record number of adults in Wisconsin prisons


Wisconsin’s prisons held a record number of adults in 2017 and the population will only continue to grow over the next two years, costing the state tens of millions of dollars, according to a report released last week. Data show that the state prison population rose 2.3 percent last year, and is projected to grow an additional 5.7 percent by 2021. > AP News

Walker has jailed African-Americans at nation’s highest rate, spent more on prisons than university system

Scott Walker’s 25 years of charting a corrections policy course in the state of Wisconsin implicate him in the catastrophe the adult and juvenile incarcerations across Wisconsin have become. With prison reform in the news and Walker’s own campaign attempting to demagogue on the issue, a fuller examination of his record is warranted. > Wisconsin Gazette