Walker, Evers offer stark contrast in how to address Wisconsin’s overcrowded prisons

Advocates for a reduced inmate population have secured a commitment from Democrat candidate Tony Evers to cut the amount of Wisconsin prisoners by half. This is in stark contrast to Gov. Scott Walker, who has spent decades pushing “tough on crime” policies, such as longer sentences for offenders, not shorter. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Walker: No recollection of scuttling independent review of troubled youth prison


Gov. Scott Walker says he doesn’t recall if his office canceled an outside review of the state’s troubled youth prison while alleged abuses there mounted in 2015, as his then-prisons chief and the director of a former national corrections group now claim. > Wisconsin State Journal

Walker administration canceled request for Lincoln Hills youth prison probe

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CBS 7 Wausau is reporting that in the days following Gov. Scott Walker telling the public in December 2015 that he was learning about the gravity of the Lincoln Hills youth prison scandal, Walker’s staff told former prisons Secretary Ed Wall to cancel his request for an independent review and assessment of the prison.

Walker says he’s running a positive campaign and defends ad against Evers on prisons


A day after Tony Evers charged that Gov. Scott Walker was taking the race into the gutter, Walker declared that he’s running “an extremely positive campaign”  and defended a blistering ad against his Democratic rival. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Evers says Walker is a liar who’s taking race into the gutter after ad says Evers would release rapists


Gov. Scott Walker accused Democrat Tony Evers on Wednesday of planning to release robbers and rapists if elected. Evers responded by calling Walker a liar who is taking the race on a low road. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Fact check: Does Minnesota put half as many people in prison as Wisconsin, but with same crime rates?

When he was running in the Democratic gubernatorial primary, Mike McCabe stated that Minnesota is “imprisoning half as many people as Wisconsin, and yet our states have virtually identical crime rates.” PolitiFact Wisconsin checks the data and rates McCabe’s claim mostly true.

GOP Senate leader: Wisconsin juvenile prison a ‘mess’, and Walker at least partly to blame


The Republican leader of the Wisconsin Senate said Wednesday that the state’s juvenile prison has “been a mess for some time” and that Gov. Scott Walker’s administration should have done more to fix the problems earlier. Walker’s response to allegations of inmate abuse at Lincoln Hills is a re-election issue for him. > AP News