Teen inmate held in solitary longer than 7 days, despite court order forbidding it


A 16-year-old inmate was held in isolation for about 40 days in July and August, despite a federal judge’s July 21 order barring the practice for that length of time, attorneys for the inmate say. The court order also set limits on using pepper spray and handcuffs at the Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake teen prisons. > Stevens Point Journal

Journalist reads Sheriff Clarke’s book ‘so you don’t have to’


President Trump tweeted supported last week for his buddy’s book, titled Cop Under Fire: Moving Beyond Hashtags of Race, Crime & Politics for a Better America. (Think the title’s incoherent argle bargle? Wait until you get to the text). From the sheriff’s theories on jails to Trayvon Martin’s supposed death wish, it’s high-octane garbage. > Daily Beast

Walker administration will not appeal Lincoln Hills order on teen inmates


The state will not appeal an order requiring it to drastically reduce its use of solitary confinement and pepper spray on teenage inmates. John Paquin, administrator of the state Division of Juvenile Corrections, wrote in a memo Wednesday that the state would not appeal the decision or ask to delay its implementation. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Judge issues the details on ordering less solitary confinement, pepper spray at teen prison


A federal judge on Monday issued an order dictating how much the state must change its rules at Wisconsin’s juvenile prison complex. Starting July 21, the solitary confinement maximum will be dropped from 60 days to 7, and guards will only be allowed to use pepper spray to stop or prevent inmates from harming others. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Counties sending fewer teens to troubled Wisconsin juvenile prison amid federal investigation


Nineteen months after agents and lawyers raided Wisconsin’s youth prison over allegations of inmate abuse and other crimes, the number of people housed there remains far below pre-raid levels, signaling that local authorities remain leery of the prison as federal investigations continue. > Appleton Post-Crescent

Rep. Gannon on juvenile crime bill: Only way to control crime is to get ‘dirtballs off the street’


The Assembly Corrections Committee has advanced two Republican bills that could send more kids to Wisconsin’s troubled youth prison for longer stints. Rep. Bob Gannon (R-West Bend) said his sympathy meter is broken and the only way to control crime is to get “dirtballs off the street.” > AP News / US News & World Report

Parole commission survives committee’s ax, but gets a trim


Wisconsin’s Parole Commission would remain intact with reduced staffing levels under a change to Gov. Walker’s proposed budget approved by the Republican-led Joint Finance Committee on Wednesday. Walker’s budget would have eliminated the commission and moved its functions to the oversight of the state Department of Corrections. > The Cap Times