New report highlights disparities between Wisconsin arrest rates of black, white, Native American youth

The number of kids arrested in Wisconsin is declining, but only for white juveniles. A new report found that black youth are three times more likely, and Native American youth twice as likely, to be arrested in Wisconsin than their white peers. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Plan to close Lincoln Hills teen prison hits obstacles


A plan to close the state’s problem-plagued teen prison is hitting road blocks as lawmakers rush to approve it before they wrap up their legislative session. The latest obstacle came Friday when Youth Justice Milwaukee – a long-time proponent of closing Lincoln Hills – came out against the proposal. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Walker optimistic on juvenile justice, not ‘alcohol czar’


Gov. Scott Walker said he’s confident his legislative priorities of a child tax rebate, a juvenile justice system overhaul and new work requirements for welfare recipients will pass through the legislature this session, but he showed little enthusiasm to create a new “alcohol czar” position. > AP News / La Crosse Tribune

Assembly to unveil juvenile corrections overhaul plan


Assembly lawmakers plan to introduce an overhaul this week of the state’s juvenile corrections system that would close the state’s troubled youth prison in Irma by 2020 and put county governments in charge of new facilities around the state. > Wisconsin State Journal

Three Milwaukee County jail staffers charged in inmate’s dehydration death


Prosecutors have charged three Milwaukee County jail staffers for their role in the dehydration death of an inmate who spent a week without water, which occurred while the jail was overseen by conservative firebrand and Trump supporter Sheriff David Clarke. The inmate is one of seven prisoners to have died in the jail since mid-2016. > CBS News

Walker administration and ACLU in settlement talks over Lincoln Hills


With Gov. Scott Walker planning to close a teen prison, his administration is in settlement talks with inmates who have sued over conditions there. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Walker explains Lincoln Hills plan, includes expanding mental health treatment


A day after announcing a directive to re-purpose Lincoln Hills/Copper Lake Schools in Irma into a men’s medium security prison and add smaller juvenile facilities around the state, Gov. Scott Walker spoke publicly in Eau Claire and Green Bay about the plan. > CBS 7 Wausau