Tony Evers vows to protect access to health care coverage

Gov.-elect Tony Evers and Lt. Gov.-elect Mandela Barnes’ Building the People’s Budget statewide listening tour hit La Crosse this week, and they heard concerns on topics ranging from funding wastewater treatment to studies on the health risks of vaping. “We have to protect everybody in the state of Wisconsin,” Evers said in an interview with the La Crosse Tribune.

Wisconsin lawmakers reject bill to protect pre-existing conditions

In another early-morning vote, state senators failed to deliver on a campaign promise from Gov. Scott Walker to approve legislation that protects health insurance coverage for those with pre-existing conditions. All Democrats and two Republicans in the Senate voted against that legislation. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Republicans eye pre-existing conditions bill for lame duck session


Republican lawmakers are considering passing a bill guaranteeing health insurance for people with pre-existing conditions as part of a lame-duck legislative session next week that could also include measures to weaken Wisconsin’s Democratic Gov.-elect Tony Evers. > AP News

Walker says he would cover pre-existing conditions, but backs plans that would end protections


PolitiFact Wisconsin finds that Gov. Scott Walker has supported two efforts that would eliminate blanket protections for pre-existing conditions. Although Walker has pledged that if Obamacare is repealed, he would seek legislation to guarantee coverage to people with pre-existing conditions, it’s not clear how it would compare to Obamacare and not clear if it could pass the Legislature.

Rep. Gordon Hintz: Wisconsin Republicans are lying about pre-existing conditions

Wisconsin Assembly Minority Leader, Gordon Hintz (D-Oshkosh) writes in the Cap Times: “Gov. Walker in his latest commercial states, ‘In Wisconsin, pre-existing conditions are covered. And as long as I’m governor, they always will be.’ There is no nice way to say this, but Gov. Walker and legislative Republicans are lying.”

Josh Kaul on ‘UPFRONT’: Will aim to withdraw Wisconsin from Obamacare lawsuit if elected

Democratic Wisconsin Attorney General candidate Josh Kaul said that if elected, he’d ask the governor for permission to withdraw the state from a lawsuit over the Affordable Care Act. Kaul said his opponent, Republican incumbent Brad Schimel, is a leader in a lawsuit that is “not in the interests of Wisconsinites.” > ABC 12 Milwaukee

Health care a top issue in midterm elections

Health care is the top issue in U.S. Senate campaign ads across the country, according to a recent report indicating nearly 46 percent of ads for U.S. Senate and House candidates mentioned health care. In Wisconsin, pre-existing conditions have indeed been a controversial topic between U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin and her Republican challenger Leah Vukmir. > Wisconsin Public Radio