Drawing lines between childhood trauma in urban Milwaukee and rural Wisconsin

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Wisconsin’s rural underclass shares a bond with some of the worst neighborhoods in Milwaukee – it’s just better hidden. It’s called historical trauma or the “ripple effect”, and transfers trauma from one generation to another. Part 1 of this Milwaukee Journal Sentinel special report dives in to the impacts.

The good and bad of Wisconsin’s poverty decline

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A new report indicates Wisconsin is finally seeing poverty rates move downward. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the programs that drove sustained economic gains over the past several years are on the chopping block in Washington. > Public News Service

Income inequality in Wisconsin at highest level since Great Depression


Wisconsin is seeing a growing income gap between its top earners and the average worker, according to a report released by the Wisconsin Budget Project and the Center on Wisconsin Strategy (COWS) in Madison. On average, the richest 1 percent in Wisconsin made 19 times as much as everyone else in 2014, according to the data. > Wisconsin Public Radio

A nun from Racine tested Paul Ryan, and the speaker failed


When Ryan participated in a “CNN Town Hall” last week, one line of questioning revealed his startling ignorance about the anti-poverty programs he seeks to dismantle. His response to a a local nun and retired educator and school principal spotlighted how wrong his calculus is on anti-poverty initiatives, and drew boos from the crowd. > Cap Times

Watch or read: Wisconsin tax cuts did more harm than good, study finds

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A new study has found that recent tax cuts in Wisconsin actually hurt the state’s economy. Comparing Kansas to Wisconsin, the study found that 30 percent more jobs could have been created from 2011 to 2015 if it were not for the tax cuts, and that unemployment and poverty rates would have been lower. > Wisconsin Public Television

From welfare to Congress, Rep. Gwen Moore talks about her fight against poverty

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Rep. Gwen Moore tells of her journey from poverty to Congress, and how Bill Clinton’s welfare reforms and corporate Democrats refusal to deal with chronic poverty has allowed the GOP to obstruct legislation that would bring millions out of deep poverty. Watch the video interview or read the transcript here. > Real News Network

State moves step closer to drug testing and work requirements for BadgerCare adults


Wisconsin could become the first state in the nation to require able-bodied adults to work and be drug tested to qualify for public health coverage, under a proposal advanced by Republican lawmakers Thursday. Critics say the plan would be both extremely costly and ineffective. >  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel