Report: More than one-third of Wisconsin households can’t afford basic necessities

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More than one-third of Wisconsin households can’t afford the basic necessities, according to a new report from the United Way of Wisconsin. The household survival budget includes housing, food, transportation, health insurance, for families that have children, child care, and new this year — the cost of a cell phone. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Making the news rounds: Minnesota buries Wisconsin in economic performance


Gov. Scott Walker likes to ding Illinois for its fiscal woes. But you don’t hear him saying much about Minnesota. A new report suggests a reason: Minnesota, whose progressive Democrat governor was elected the same year as Walker, has been outperforming Wisconsin in jobs, wages, health insurance, poverty and other factors. > Cap Times

Wisconsin Dems slam SNAP cuts in House Farm Bill

Some Wisconsin Democrats are speaking out against a House Farm Bill provision that makes massive cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Drafted with zero input from Democrats, and passed out of committee with only GOP votes, the bill is expected to be debated on the floor later this month. > Wisconsin Radio Network

How Walker’s new welfare reforms could impact Wisconsinites who are struggling

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This week, Governor Scott Walker signed nine bills of his welfare reform package into law. The bills range from adding drug screens for people on welfare to prohibiting food stamps to people who own a vehicle worth more than $20,000. > WEAU-TV Eau Claire

Paul Ryan’s broad strokes on poverty

Paul Ryan on Tuesday reiterated his vision of consolidating the wide array of federal poverty programs into a benefit system that he argues would better encourage people to get out of welfare and into work, including sending some of the federal money spent on welfare programs to local governments and charities. > Roll Call

Walker’s welfare reform could become model for national GOP


Gov. Scott Walker is a handful of votes away from implementing one of the most sweeping overhauls to a state welfare system in decades. As President Trump and Republicans around the country begin contemplating entitlement reforms, Walker’s legislation could serve as a model, both in state capitals and in Congress. > The Hill

Wisconsin Legislature passes Walker welfare overhaul


The bulk of Gov. Scott Walker’s welfare overhaul package, including increasing work requirements for food stamp recipients and imposing them on parents for the first time, won final legislative approval Tuesday. All of Walker’s 10 welfare overhaul bills passed the Assembly last week, with the Senate approving all but one this week. > AP News